My Five Favourite Things About Christmas

I can't believe that Christmas is just 13 days away. Christmas can be stressful, with two kids, both wanting a different games console to the other, but it's the little things that make Christmas the most amazing time of the year.

1. Christmas Films
We have this week decided to watch a different Christmas film every night. There are so many amazing ones from Elf, Bad Santa to The Polar Express. Actually lets not forget The Holiday and Love Actually as well. Whatever your favourite film is it's sure to get you in the festive spirit.

2. Costa's Festive Range
I can't be the only person who gets excited about Costa releasing their Christmas range? The black forrest gateau hot chocolate is a must every year and I'm glad they seem to be bringing it back. This year we have gingerbread, hazelnut and caramelised orange. The caramelised orange is by far my favourite this year. It's just so yummy and dare I say tastes christmassy?

3. Christmas Jumpers
As far as I'm concerned if you don't like or won't wear a Christmas jumper, that makes you a massive grinch! Christmas jumpers no matter how tacky are amazing. Come the 1st December mine have been washed and ironed and are ready to be worn as much as possible throughout December. Remember the ones your nan used to knit?

4. Christmas Music
Who doesn't love Christmas music? You know it's Christmas when the shops start playing them, unfortunately our shop doesn't have speakers so I'm truly gutted about that but hey ho.
I love the classics such as It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year, Let It Snow and All I Want For Christmas.

5. Christmas Decorations
Christmas decorations are one of my most favourite things. The lights and the decorations gets you really in the festive spirit. When these go up, you know Christmas is coming. Plus decorating the tree, with your Christmas tunes going is the most fun.

Whats your favourite thing about Christmas?

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