Jamberry | April Stylebox

I love having my nails done, it's the one thing that nine times out of ten, I always have done. I can go days or even a week without makeup but my nails are a different thing.
I think your hands are one of those things that is quite noticeable. How many of us have noticed what colour nail polish someone is wearing? 
The reason I wanted to try out Jamberry Nail Wraps was because of how truly beautiful they really are. What better way to try them than with the April Stylebox.

Why Is Mindset So Important?

I never used to work on my mindset, I'd coast through life thinking why do these things keep happening to me? Why can't I do this? Among other things.
Then when I started up my business, all I heard about was getting yourself into the right mindset. It's something I looked into and I really wished I had started this sooner.