Younique Perfume | Discover A tale of true love

When the news broke that Younique were releasing their own perfume line, I simply couldn't wait to get my hands on them. I am a sucker for a gorgeous perfume. It's one luxury that us ladies love.
The story behind these perfumes is amazing, these haven't just been made up because they smell nice.

Younique Co-founder Melanie Huscroft first met her now husband in college instantly hitting it off, when he then had to go away on a two year mission, Melanie wrote to him regularly signing each letter with a unique farewell, then spritzing the envelope with her favorite perfume. This has been the inspiration behind these three perfumes.
Perfume is quite a personal thing, everyone likes something different and some scents can evoke feeling of memories and happiness. I do feel that there is a perfume that everyone will love from this range. I have two of the three perfumes, this was purely down to the fact that the two I have are scents I love.

The enthralling scent of Passionately yours, me captures the thrill of new love. Warm and sensual, this enchanting floral oriental is imbued with the nuances of fruit and musks. Awaken your infinite capacity for love, passion, and life with each mist of this sensational fragrance.
  • Olfactive family: floral oriental
  • Top notes: ripe nashi pear, juicy cantaloupe, enticing passion flower
  • Heart notes: sheer tuberose, purple magnolia, pink dandelion
  • Base notes: velvety woods, white musks, luscious vanilla

Dreaming of you, me mirrors the euphoria of daydreams and all their vivid possibilities. A fresh modern floral infused with the intricacy of suede, it’s the perfect excuse to become swept away in fantasies of purest love.
  • Olfactive family: chypre floral
  • Top notes: fresh cucumber, blue sky breeze, translucent freesia
  • Heart notes: delicate tea blossom, blissful lily of the valley, violet petals
  • Base notes: soft suede, fluffy musks, enveloping sandalwood

Yours and only yours, me echoes the optimism and warmth of an innocent heart embracing the beauty of devotion to another. Vibrant, yet irresistibly sensual, this yellow fragrance leaves a bright first impression.
  • Olfactive floral: floral woody
  • Top notes: crisp leaves, vibrant tagete, exquisite blackcurrant
  • Heart notes: charismatic Ylang-Ylang, brilliant white flowers, blonde woods
  • Base notes: warm ambrofix, precious sandalwood, luminous vetiver

These perfumes will be available for retail on the 1st April. You can purchase them from Empower Beauty.
Which scent would you wear?

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