Blog, Life and March Goals

February has just absolutely flown by hasn't it, I'm not even sure that it happened!
It's been a pretty successful month for me, I have hit my promotion with my company and got a permanent pay rise with it and I have started the foundations for what is coming next.

I have got out a lot more than usual, having the dog has been a great help. Since getting out in the mornings I have noticed my mood has lifted, and I don't seem to have the winter blues.
I have also completely rebranded my business in February. I knew it was something I wanted to do for a while, and I decided to just go for it. I have had an amazing logo made for me by Dovestail Vintage. One of them you can see at the top of the page. Sammie did such an amazing job of creating them, she captured me perfectly and thankfully was very patient with me. So with that being said say goodbye to Caroline Mary and hello to Empower Beauty!
My Goals For March...
Start working towards my next promotion
Now that I have hit that promotion, it has given me such a fire in my belly to work up the ladder. I think once you hit it, you know you can do it.
I am planning it all out and have set goals with a date in mind for each thing, I am certainly going to be working my butt off to there.
I find planning to be so much easier, I can find myself getting a little overwhelmed otherwise. I am an entrepreneur, a network marketer, a mother, someone's fiancee and a part time worker. Trying to find balance can be hard, but planning makes it so much easier.
Make content creation a priority
I have been working harder on my content recently, instead of posting pictures, I have been creating video's instead. I find video's more visually appealing, so all the hard work of making them, editing and uploading makes it totally worth it.
I am still posting pictures, it is good to show before and after pictures still after all.
I am also wanting to make blogging a priority as well, it was something I have neglected last year, but blogging is a great tools and I want to start using it more and sharing my ideas, products and reviews.
As you can see I only have a couple of goals, but that may just be a good thing, too many goals and you end up over working and overwhelmed again. Little goals go a long way to getting you where you want to be.
What's your goals for March?

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