7 things I love about spring

I used to be one of those people who only ever really liked summer. I much preferred the hot weather, plus I knew my birthday was coming. The past couple of years though I have come to the realisation that all seasons are great for different reasons. So with that being said I am bringing you the 7 things I love about Spring.

  • The Flowers - Spring is such a beautiful season due to the flowers blossoming. Cherry blossom trees start flowering, daffodils and tulips just to name a few. Tulips happen to be my favourite, they have a gorgeous fresh, rain smell about them. Plus they look gorgeous.
  • The Longer Days - Spring brings with it more daylight, meaning no more walking home after work in the dark. Also more time to be spent outside.
  • All the smells - From the flowers to the freshly cut grass, there are some lovely smells in spring. Ok it means most of us have to start with the hay fever remedies again but it worth it when spring is so intoxicating!
  • Fashion - Now I'll admit I am at my most happiest in my t-shirt and sweats but I do make more of an effort when going out. When spring rolls round we can start wearing our jacket, boots and cute dresses.
  • Fresh Fruit And Veg - It's the arrival of asparagus, beets, kale, salad greens, cabbage, parsnips, scapes, and many other fabulous foods.
  • Open windows - It's to cold in winter to open the windows and I'm reluctant in summer due to the flies. However spring is the perfect time to get those windows open and let in the fresh air.
  • Street Decorations - Once spring hits our town comes alive with flowers. They are planted all down the high street and it looks amazing.

What's your favourite things about spring?

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