My 10 Favourite Things About Autumn

My 10 Favourite Things About Autumn

There's not one season I don't love, I know some people tend to have favourite seasons, but I really don't. There are things I love about each season for different reasons, and Autumn is no different. I got quite excited when it came around, and here's why....

There are so many great things about Autumn:

1. Blanket scarves are back!
This is the thing I always get so excited about. I love going out and getting my scarf on to keep warm, plus they are a great accessory.

2. Costa bring out their Christmas Hot Chocolates
I look forward to this every year to see what they bring out. This year is the black forrest hot chocolate and the millionaires shortbread hot chocolate. I have already tried them both and they are just so yummy.

3. Long walks through the leaves with Rufus
I love taking Rufus out for a walk, especially now he seems to have calmed down a bit and will actually listen to what you tell him. He loves going out and meeting his doggy friends and running round with them. We both love going up to The Glen and walking through the leaves as well, it so lovely and calming for me and he gets to sniff all new smells.

4. Autumn scented candles and wax melts
Gingerbread, orange, cinnamon the list goes on. I love these scents so when autumn comes around, I can't wait to get the wax melts out. They fill your house with such gorgeous scents.

5. Snuggly jumpers and cardigans
I love my snuggly jumpers, whether I'm snuggled on the sofa or out with friends, snuggly jumpers are just the best at this time of year.

6. Snuggling under a blanket watching movies
This has been something I am doing more and more recently. I have been working so much that I am burning myself out, so I have shut the laptop off and relaxed under a blanket with a film... and a hot chocolate.

7. Hot chocolate with squirty cream
I love coming back from walks with Rufus and making myself a hot chocolate to warm myself back up. You just can't beat a good hot chocolate with cream on top, yum!

8. Countdown to Christmas 
Does this need a description?! Who doesn't love a countdown to Christmas..

9. Tartan!
I love tartan, my blanket scarf is tartan and it is just so beautiful and I just really think it goes so well at this time of year. Good thing is, it also carries on through winter.

10. Falling leaves
The leaves look gorgeous falling slowly to the ground, but not only that, they set the world ablaze with colour. There's nothing better than seeing all the gorgeous autumnal colours on the ground.

What's your favourite things about autumn?

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