Citrine Crystals | Manifesting Abundance

Citrine Crystals | Manifesting Abundance | Caroline Mary

Citrine crystals are known to be the main manifestation stone. It is a very powerful stone when combined with your intent and affirmation, and will bring you prosperity and abundance.
It is known as the merchants stone. This is due to it's properties for the increase of the cash box.

My Favourite Lipsticks

My Favourite Lipsticks  | Caroline Mary

Just recently I have been getting a lot more confident when it comes to my lipstick, I used to just stick with pinks because I know they suited my skin tone.
However this past year, I have tried everything from pinks, red, purples to coral's.

Moodstruck Epic Mascara | Is It Really Epic?

Moodstruck Epic Mascara | Is It Really Epic? | Caroline Mary

Mascara is the one product most of us can't do without, but if you are anything like me, finding one that works for you can be quite tricky. I have always looked for one that gives me length and volume, and the Moodstruck Epic Mascara does just that!

Alphabet Bags | Fantastic Gifts For Your Wedding Party

Alphabet Bags | Fantastic Gifts For Your Wedding Party | Caroline Mary

I love make up bags, I am always picking them up when I see a new pretty one. So imagine my delight when I saw these gorgeous makeup bags from Alphabet Bags.

The Younique Foundation | August Customer Kudos

The Younique Foundation is an amazing thing, and actually one of the reasons why I chose to be apart of this company. Everything it does and stands for just totally amazes me.
The Younique Foundation is a charity that started before Younique was born, and is the heart of our company today. It is dedicated to inspiring hope in women who were sexually abused as children or adolescents by providing healing services through retreats, survivor communities and online resources.