My Travel Bucket List

My Bucket List | Tea And Beauty

I have been reading a few of these type of posts recently and it really got me thinking about what my bucket list would be. There are quite a few countries I'd love to go to, so this is going to be my travel bucket list I think. 


My Travel Bucket List | Tea And Beauty

This is probably one of the counties, I've wanted to go to for a long time, in particular Paris. The Eiffel Tower, shopping, art, pastries who doesn't want any of those things right. Plus it's supposed to be the most romantic city to be in. Paris just looks so romantic and I am determined to go there at some point during my lifetime.

Los Angeles

My Travel Bucket List | Tea And Beauty

Los Angeles looks amazing. I can't even put my finger on anything specific about L.A that I want to see, I just want to go and see the Hollywood sign, get some sun, go and eat at the amazing restaurants there and try and spot a few celebrities - that's where they hang out right?! 

New York

My Travel Bucket List | Tea And Beauty

Now this is a bit more specific. I have actually already been to New York, me and Matt went last year and it was so amazing. But I would absolutely love to do New York at Christmas, actually be there though for Christmas. The Christmas lights in New York look stunning and to go for a walk round Central Park in the snow (hopefully not getting lost this time). You do need a lot of money though, if nothing else... Bloomingdales. I was lucky enough that last year I managed to buy myself a gorgeous Kate Spade handbag but there was so much there I wanted to buy and couldn't.

Northern Lights

My Travel Bucket List | Tea And Beauty

I have always wanted to go and see the Northern Lights they look truly magical but after seeing xameliax's video of Lapland it has made me want to go even more now. The snow, the reindeer's it all just looks like the most amazing place to be.


My Travel Bucket List | Tea And Beauty

Pure white sands, crystal clear waters, exotic fruits, palm tree's and hammock's. Yes please!
The sea absolutely amazes me, it's not like here in England where it looks more murky than clear. Mexico has always had than luxurious feel to it for me and it would be a dream to go there one day.

Go On A Cruise

My Travel Bucket List | Tea And Beauty

Another luxurious holiday to be on. Imagine waking up travelling on the sea.  Having fancy dinners and relaxing by the pool.

What's on your travel bucket list?

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