MAC Black Friday | The Perfect Plum Lip Set

MAC Black Friday | The Perfect Plum Lip Set | Tea And Beauty

I love a good dark lip, especially during this time of year. From October/November the darker shades come out and I literally try and wear them for as long as possible, I actually got this set for Christmas off Matt and have been wearing it so much.

In this set I got:
Pro Longwear Lip Pencil in Bespoken For
Velvetease Lip Pencil in Velvet Teen
Vamplify Lip Gloss in Black Friday

The great thing is you can wear them all separately but they also look fantastic together. 

Normally I'm not a huge fan of lip gloss but I really do love this one. It's a beautiful deep purple infused with colour-boosting technology that's loaded with pigments.

MAC Black Friday | The Perfect Plum Lip Set | Tea And Beauty

I really like the applicator wand as well. I find some glosses either comes in a tube you literally have to squeeze on and rub over your lip - sorry but what is that?? Or the wand is a weird shape or to big and it ends up going everywhere still. This one however is a lovely curved shape so it goes on your lips well, and it's not to big plus it's really soft on your lips. 
I got this in the set, which they don't sell anymore but you can still get this lip gloss. It is a Mac online exclusive and costs £18.00.

Lip liners where something I never really used to be fair until a few month's ago, the only reason I started using them was due to the fact that I started wearing red lipsticks. Since then though I love them, so I was really pleased when the set came with one.
The pencil is a nice small pencil that goes onto lips very well, again very pigmented and such a beautiful colour. 

Currently this isn't sold online, however I did see it in store a couple of weeks ago for £15.50.

MAC Black Friday | The Perfect Plum Lip Set | Tea And Beauty

The last one is the chunky velvetease lip pencil in Velvet Teen.
Even though it's chunky it goes on very well. It goes on like a lipstick and has a gorgeous vivid colour. This can be found online and is £17.50.

All three last very well, you do have to re-apply after eating but to be fair only slightly as I have noticed it fades in between your lips but as I said only slightly so for me that's another win.

MAC Black Friday | The Perfect Plum Lip Set | Tea And Beauty
Top - Vamplify Lip Gloss
Middle - Velvetease Lip Pencil
Bottom - Pro Longwear Lip Pencil

I love Mac lipsticks, they are such high quality, do you have any of these one's?

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