Moving Home And Back To School

Moving Home And Back To School | Tea And Beauty

Helloo and welcome to the brand new look Tea And Beauty, I am loving the new theme, if you are on your mobile then check it out on the website too - trust me it's amazing!

It has been a week now since we moved into our new home and we now finally have internet *yay*. It took a few days as it turned out there was a fault on the line and you don't realise just how much you miss having broadband till you don't have it.

It has been a really mad week, trying to sort the house out and find a place for everything. You don't realise how much stuff you have till you move. Even now I am still attempting to try and find a place for some bits. 

Along with moving I have also decided to go back to school, and I have started a beauty course. I have always been interested in beauty from my teenage years and as I got older I grew more passionate about it. So it seemed like the logical course for me to do.

Moving Home And Back To School | Tea And Beauty

I have been learning all about the different skin types, the functions of our skins and soon I will be touching on make up and nails. I have always thought that you are never to old to learn new things, in fact it is what keeps our minds sharp. Plus new courses mean new stationary, as if I needed another reason to buy a pretty notebook. 
I would in the future like to do a more advanced make up course as again I love make up and would love to know the ins and outs of it all and get a better feel of applying it etc really.

Moving Home And Back To School | Tea And Beauty

I am so excited for the future right now. So far life in Devon is great and the best thing we did and I am looking forward to including my beauty course into work.

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