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Younique Make-Over | Tea And Beauty

I'm sure at this point everyone has heard of Younique Make Up, well I have a friend called Leanne on Facebook who actually sells this brand, and she was after 12 faces for a 12 faces in 30 days challenge. This entailed her doing a make over on 12 lovely ladies. I was definitely interested as I had sampled the foundation and loved it, so it was a good way of seeing how good the other products were.

As you can see from the photo above there is rather quite a difference! I have quite good skin now since using the No7 Beautiful Skin face creams, but it is still quite red and patchy in places, along with the odd breakout at the moment (no thanks to the heat). However I wasn't expecting my skin to look as flawless as it does.

Unique Make-Over | Tea And Beauty

Whilst Leanne was here she actually sorted my eyebrows out for me. I was telling her that when I went for an eyebrow wax I asked that they even them out for me, however they did not so she very kindly did it for me.  They look fantastic and the eyebrow pencil and fibre wand she used on them make them look so good. I find some medium shades to still be to dark, however the medium shade from Younique is actually rather perfect on me.

The eye-shadow's are beautiful and sparkly, they are really pigmented and last all day. Leanne did a lovely winged eye-liner, which I am always a bit to afraid to try myself. The good thing is I found when it came to taking it off, it washed off extremely well. I find pencil eye-liners to be quite stubborn sometimes. The eye-shadow palette was Moodtruck Addiction in Palette 1.

Unique Make-Over | Tea And Beauty

The blusher is beautiful and so pigmented Leanne only tapped the brush onto the blusher once or twice and that was more than enough as it went on so well and the colour was beautiful.
As for the lipstick we went with a lovely berry tone called loaded and it lasts so well, again very pigmented.

Unique Make-Over | Tea And Beauty

I'll admit I am extremely pleased with the end result and I am definitely going to have to purchase the foundation. I've yet to find one that gives such a flawless look. 

Unique Make-Over | Tea And Beauty

If you would like to purchase any Younique products you can buy them from my site, you don't even have to leave your sofa. Thanks to Leanne amazing me with these amazing products I have decided to sell them myself, that is how amazing I think they really are.


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