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I have been doing yoga now for the past year, however I have been a bit on and off with it. This is due to the fact that I hate going to the gym, I have this weird thing about working out in front of people. Not to sure why but I just feel a bit self conscience, this rules out going to actual yoga classes, then there is the struggle to find a good yoga workout at home. However I have recently been doing Yoga With Adriene. Adriene has her own YouTube channel so you can do your yoga workout in the comfort of your own home.

If you are anything like me, I am not flexible at all! However the good thing with Adriene's video's is that you don't need to be that flexible. I started off with her Yoga For Beginners video and got through the whole routine absolutely fine, no problems at all. It was very well explained, she went through all the moves telling you exactly what to do, what breathing you should be doing and also how not to do certain moves. Adriene is all about what feels good, not how flexible you are.

Now that I have been doing this video for a bit, I have stuck with this one for about two weeks now as a way of getting used to yoga, I am going to be starting her 30 days of yoga. There are 10-20 minute videos that you do each day for 30 days. I am really looking forward to seeing what each video entails. I have tried a couple of her other video's as well and they are all so great.

What I love about Adriene is her lovely personality, it is nice to actually have a yoga instructor that is friendly and also relatable. She makes great video's that are suitable for everyone of all levels. There are so many video's to choose from that you are bound to find a good few videos that are just right for you. Adriene has done videos that target different things as well, such as, yoga for anxiety, yoga for headaches and weight loss yoga. The weight loss yoga I am really wanting to try out as well.

It's true what Adriene says "the hard part is turning up" and it is, however I have found myself rolling out the yoga mat a lot more since finding out about her channel. Yoga is now more relaxed, exciting and even fun now thanks to Adriene. 

If you are thinking about starting yoga then give Yoga With Adriene a go!


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