My Goals For The Future

My Goals For The Future | Tea And Beauty

I have been thinking recently about all the things I'd like to do in the future, they are things that are pretty much do-able as well, which makes it even better to actually achieve them. I hate making goals that I know I really won't be able to pull off. So today I thought I would share with you that list...

1. Move house next year
This is actually something we are already saving for and looking into. Now when I say move house, what I should really put is move out of the county. We currently live in the Midlands, however we really want to move down to Exeter. It would be good for everyone, so many great places to go to like the beach and plenty of places if you just fancy going out for a walk one Sunday as a family. Fingers crossed everything goes as planned.

2. Get a dog
This is something we have thought of with moving, currently we aren't allowed pets in the apartment we are renting now. Moving to Exeter, there are so many places to go out for a walk and having a dog is something we really do want. The kids would love one to and I generally think all round it's a great idea. We have decided we would like either an English Bulldog or a Dalmatian. Bulldogs are my favorite dogs and my partners to, however they are rather on the expensive side. In case we decide not to go with a Bulldog, we also thought of a Dalmatian, we actually know someone who had one for years and she really was the most loveliest dog you'd meet.  Obviously with the kids we wanted a friendly, family dog. I am however a strong believer of it's the owner not the dog.

3. Get married
 I have been with my partner for just over 13 years and 3 months (almost) and engaged for almost 13 years. We met in May and he asked me to marry him in August, now people may say that was a bit soon, but when you know you know right? Plus we have been together just over 13 years as I said so clearly we were meant to be. We have not actually gotten round to getting married, not that we haven't tried, but you just don't realise how expensive weddings are until you start looking into them. We almost did it last year but then something came up and we couldn't do it. However I am determined, we were looking at doing it abroad actually, which is much cheaper and you are guaranteed nice weather, depending on where you go, unlike lovely England where it can rain at the drop of a hat.

4. Really try and make something of my blog
I love blogging and it would be great if I could really step it up and try and make something out of it. Just recently I have had a new look and tweaked some of the pages and sidebar a bit. It still feels like a bit of a working progress but I feel I am getting there. Now I just want to write even better content and step up my writing and even my pictures. 

5. Go to Paris
I have been to Orlando and New York but Paris is on the list of places I really want to go to. To go and visit the Eiffel Tower, eat pasties and walk round all the shops, it just seems so lovely and romantic. 

What are the things you want to do in the future?


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