Five Nail Polishes Perfect For Summer

Five Nail Polishes Perfect For Summer | Tea And Beauty

You wouldn't guess it was summer with all the dark clouds and rain we seem to be getting. OK we have the heat but what good it muggy heat when the sun's not even out? It's a good thing we can still make our nails look amazing and summery then. Just recently I had a good sort out through my nail polishes and came across some gorgeous shades I'd forgotten about. 

Barry M Coconut Infusion in Aloha

This is a gorgeous bright pink colour which is great for summer. I love the creamy consistency of this polish to. This goes on extremely well and very opaque in just two coats. The great thing is with the coconut infusion range is, there is no need for a base coat, by putting the polish straight on the nail it helps hydrate and nourish nails. 

Barry M Sunset Daylight Curing in Empire State Of Mint

This is a lovely pastel mint but still bright enough that it will be an eye catcher. This is a great one for it's drying time, because it dries in the daylight, it is literally dry in about a minute. Great if you haven't got much time to get to that BBQ. Again this was very opaque and covers well in just two coats.

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine in Damson

This one has made it onto the list for two reasons, number one because it is a truly beautiful and bold shade, but also because it is a perfect dupe for Essie's Butler Please. It is very opaque and gives a bright, hi shine and will certainly make a bold statement. 

Rimmel 60 Seconds in Rose Libertine

Unfortunately this is a hard colour to capture, it looks more pink to me in the pictures, however in reality is a gorgeous pinky coral colour. This is actually one of the first polishes I reach for every year when summer comes round. I really do love it. Great coverage in two coats and very opaque.

Nicole by O.P.I in Lay It On The Lime

Lastly is Lay It On The Lime, a lovely neon green, but it's not so neon that it slaps you in the face. This was another one that was hard to capture. It is a lovely subtle neon lime colour and you get great cover in two coats. If you do want it a bit brighter, then just paint it over a layer of white polish. For a neon this is actually very opaque, which I love.

Five Nail Polishes Perfect For Summer | Tea And Beauty

Five Nail Polishes Perfect For Summer | Tea And Beauty

Five Nail Polishes Perfect For Summer | Tea And Beauty

What is your go to colours for summer?


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