The 5 Things I'm Really Bad At Even As A Beauty Blogger

The 5 Things I'm Really Bad At Even As A Beauty Blogger | Tea And Beauty

Over the past month or two I have noticed that even though I sit here and talk beauty with you guys, there are things I am actually terrible at doing myself.
There seems to be this thing where people assume beauty bloggers are perfect and they do everything your supposed to do, and while that may be the case for other beauty bloggers, I am not that person.

Moisturising after a bath/shower
Isn't this like the number one rule when you get out the bath or the shower? 
Well if it is I'm screwed! I only really do this like half the time, why? I simply can't be bothered mostly, which sounds terrible. Winter is the worst and yet that's probably the most important time maybe with how much damage our skin takes from the cold. But the thing is it's lovely and warm in the water but as soon as I get out I'm blooming freezing and just want to get dressed. 

I actually used to be really good at this one, as soon as my polish chipped I'd remove it and repaint.
These days though I can go about a week without even painting them. I think the problem is I spend more time removing it as it chips so easy, that I almost feel like what's the point? 
But I want pretty nails, so I may actually start making more of an effort with this one.

Weekly hair masks
I very rarely do this, probably once a month and that's only because I happen to remember.
I will say though that my hairdresser has said many time's what good condition my hair is in and how quickly it grows, so it can't be all that bad now can it?
I have just brought some argan oil hair treatment, you leave this in for 10 minutes to an hour before washing your hair and it's supposed to leave your hair silky and smooth so fingers crossed it works.

Moisturising my hands
Now I am terrible at this! I have so many hand creams lying round the house that I actually shouldn't have an excuse for this, but the thing is I just generally forget. Apparently your hands are supposed to look older than we actually are by not moisturising them, and I can say i think this is true by the look of mine. They certainly do not look like my Nan's hands or anything but they do slightly look older and drier compared to my arm say. I must try doing this more often, even if it's just before bedtime.

Looking after my lips
I cleanse, tone and moisturise every day and night, exfoliate once or twice a week depending on whether my skin needs it or not. My lips however I don't really look after. I actually have the Lush lip scrub but I rarely use it - and I wonder why I get such dry lips! Over the past few weeks I have been using a lot more lip balm to try and combat this but I really need to add the scrub to it as well, hopefully it will do them some good.

Is there anything you forget to do?
Let me know by leaving your comments below, I always look forward to reading them.


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