Rimmel Lipstick In Rossetto by Kate Moss

Rimmel Rossetto by Kate Moss | Tea And Beauty

Over the past few weeks I have become rather obsessed with lipsticks, in the past I have usually opted for a tinted lip balm but recently I have wanted a bit more colour with it being Spring and with Summer looming ahead, and wow there are just so many different colours and I just want them all.

I picked this beauty up a few weeks ago and have been using quite a bit actually, it is great if you want a lovely colour but you don't want something bright and brash. This lipstick is from Rimmel's Kate Moss range in shade Rossetto.

Rimmel Rossetto by Kate Moss | Tea And Beauty

It is a stunning pinky/peach colour and it is perfect for spring. It is very well pigmented so you can get away with just the one coat even after blotting. The only thing I find with this is it isn't the best at lasting, even though it's from the lasting finish range. Which kind of sucks, especially after I raved about how long my Maybelline Magnetic Magenta lipstick lasted even after eating and drinking. 
I just found that I was having to re-apply a few times throughout the day even if I was just drinking from a water bottle. 

Rimmel Rossetto by Kate Moss | Tea And Beauty

Even though it doesn't seem to last to long I am still glad I picked this one up, it is a really lovely colour and it's nice to find a colour like this that actually suits my horrible pale skin, I really do struggle sometimes with finding lipsticks that suit me, just when you find a colour you like - it looks awful against my skin. The great thing is as well is that Rossetto is just £5.49 from Boots, if you spend £9 on Rimmel products you get a free gift at the moment so even if you don't get this colour, it's still an excuse to go treat yourself to some new make up right?!

What do you think to this shade? Leave your comments below and I look forward to reading them.

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