My Tips For A Good Night's Sleep

My Tips For A Good Night's Sleep | Tea And Beauty

If you are anything like me getting a good night's sleep can be hard. I tend to wake up a few times during the night or it can take me a while to even get to sleep, just lying there hoping I fall off soon.
I have however over the last few weeks tweaked my bedtime routine with positive results.

Every adult needs 6-9 hours of sleep a night, and sometimes this can be hard. You really do need to take some time during the evenings to really wind down for the night after a long day.

1. Don't drink to much caffeine after 5pm
I usually only have one cup of tea in the evenings, this is usually about 8pm but that is the only one I have, if I have anything else to drink I will make myself a cup of hot chocolate with milk, which is said to aid sleep. 
Caffeine will keep you awake if you drink to much.

2. Try some gentle exercise before bed
Gentle exercise is great for helping with a good night's sleep, make sure it's not to vigorous though, I'm talking some gentle yoga, stretching the muscles will help with relaxing your muscles and will help stop getting that uncomfortable feeling in your legs that you can sometimes get.  

3. Take a warm bath 
A warm bath (not hot) will help your body reach a temperature that is ideal for rest. Plus it is super relaxing, and lets be honest do we really need another reason to reach for them gorgeous Lush products? 

4. Write everything down
Writing a to-do list for the next day or writing all your worries down before bed will help take them off your mind and help you drift off to sleep quicker. 

5. Read a book
I love reading before bed it helps to really relax me and to be honest I usually find myself nearly falling asleep whilst reading. This really relaxes the mind.

6. Lavender sprays and balms
I use a lavender spray on my pillow and a balm which I rub on my pulse points on my wrists and on my temples. I have found by using these it has really helped me fall asleep faster. Spray the pillow mist onto your pillow at least 10 minutes before you actually go to bed so it has time to dry.

7. Keep it clean
By keeping your bedroom clean and smelling fresh this will also help you sleep better. De-clutter your room and it takes a big weight off your mind.

8. Invest in an eye mask
These really are great at keeping the light out, especially during the summer months. It's a bit weird at first but you soon get used to it and I promise you will be glad you started using one.

9. Blackout curtains are your friend
We have always had these unlined curtains in our bedroom and unfortunately in the spring and summer the light comes pouring through them, so I have recently got some blackout curtains. This was the best thing I ever did. I got mine from Amazon for just £22.50. We have Amazon Prime as well so they were delivered the very next day. I have been sleeping so much better since having these up as they really do block out so much of the sunlight.

Do you struggle to sleep to? What tips do you have for getting a good nights sleep? Let me know your thought's in the comments below.


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