Crepe Erase Review

For the last 60 days I have been trying out a set by Crepe Erase*, said to erase all crepe lines from your skin leaving you with younger, youthful skin.
In this set I had a facial skin treatment, eye gel, facial scrub, body scrub, body lotion and an intensive body butter.

This is supposed to be a big breakthrough product that as I said would remove dull, crepy skin, but is it any good? After seeing before and after photo's with women having brighter, plumper skin I was rather excited to start my 60 day trial. It is recommended that you rub the product into your skin for 60 seconds - this added up to spending rather a lot of time rubbing my skin with all these products.

The list of ingredients range from shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil and olive oil.

So after 60 days of rubbing scrubs, lotions and gels into my skin, did it work? No not really!
My skin definitely felt softer and more moisturised but as for the little wrinkles around my outer eyes, the crepy skin on my elbows etc it really didn't change them at all. 

The intensive body butter makes your skin feel velvety once it sinks in, which takes quite a while, but when applying it, it is rather on the greasy side. The body lotion actually wasn't to bad that wasn't too greasy but aside from keeping my skin moisturised there was no other difference.

The body scrubs where in my opinion just ok, they worked I did notice my skin was brighter but only slightly and I prefer a scrub that you can actually feel working on your skin. These ones just felt like you were using shower/face wash to be completely honest. 

The facial treatment I wasn't to impressed with, before my trial I was using a facial oil with clear skin. Since using this my skin has felt a bit greasy but this is due to the treatment as it is rather on the greasy side and I have had a breakout of acne again which I am not really to happy about either. 
The eye gel actually does feel nice on the skin and rubs in well and quick but the wrinkles around the outer eyes have not changed at all so due to that part again all rather disappointing.

So after all that I have come to realise that this is really good if you want super moisturised skin but if you are looking to combat wrinkles personally I think you are better off sticking to using products with retinol. These products all together in total would cost you £119.97 - so rather a lot of money for something that didn't really deliver for me.

Have you tried this set? If so what were your thoughts, did they work for you?

*These products were sent to me for free in exchange for my honest review