No7 Blackberry Nail Polish

No7 Blackberry Nail polish

I love dark polishes in the Autumn/Winter and Boots No7 polish in Blackberry is perfect for this time of year. I actually brought this one around Christmas 2014 and I have used it quite a lot since buying it. It's a good polish to have if you want a dark colour but you don't want to paint your nails black.

The brush is a great shape and size, it allows you to paint most of your nail in one swipe and it's rounded so it fits your nails great without having to do much of a clean up around your cuticles.
I had to paint on three coats to make it nice and opaque as two coats wasn't quite enough.

No7 Blackberry Nail polish

No7 Blackberry Nail polish

It lasts a good few day as well (probably last longer if you wear gloves whilst washing up - which I must start doing!) Add a top coat and it is super shiny.
The thing I love about Boots is that this polish is £6.00 to buy but every month or two Boots seem to give out vouchers for £3.00 off No7 make-up and this includes nail polish so you could actually buy this for £3.00 if you have one.

Whats your favorite colour for the winter months? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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