My No Resolution Year!

My No Resolution Year!

With each new year come new resolutions, I myself every year want to change something whether it be in my life or something about myself. This year however I am not setting myself any resolutions!
There are things I want to do, don't get me wrong but they are not going to be things I want to try and aim to do, these are things that I am going to do!

These are the things like pushing my Etsy Store even more, as this is my main source of income it kind of makes sense right? Why wouldn't I? If I don't push it, I don't make a living.
We are moving this year! Again this is not something that we aim to do, it will be happening this year. This is a scary thing we are doing though as we are moving out of the Staffordshire area and moving all the way down to Exeter. Moving will be something that is best for everyone though, We have agreed that to move would mean a better life for us and the kids.

As for the resolutions, mine always seem the same - exercise more and eat healthier. 
There is a reason why it is my main resolution every year - I suck at it!
So I don't eat like a rabbit and I can't be bothered to exercise, do you know what? I've accepted the fact I won't look like Cheryl Cole (who lets be honest, seems a bit to on the skinny side these days) but that's ok. My boyfriend loves me the way I am and isn't that what is most important? In fact he has said in the past that I was to skinny and he was afraid to brake me if he hugged me to hard. I have a slight bit of a tummy now but I've had two children so I'm not going to be stick thin again. 
The problem is we look at all these celebrity's who look amazing and completely perfect and guess what they aren't, practically all celebrity's these days are photo-shopped to look perfect. So why are we trying to look like something that isn't real? I am just as guilty of this as anyone but I have decided over the last month or two to stop doing this, concentrate on myself and ignore what others look like. We are all beautiful in our own way so lets highlight our beautiful bits and stop looking at the negative.

Here's to a happy year where we are all ourselves and not trying to be something we aren't!


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