Lush Valentines Bath Range

Lush Valentines Range

Valentines Day is only about three weeks away now and with that comes the Lush Valentines range.
I have picked up a couple of bits myself I decided to go with the Unicorn Horn bubble bar and Lover Lamp bath bomb.

I was very excited when I heard the Valentines range was out but to be honest I wasn't to fussed with the lip scrub as I recently brought one anyway, I have three of their soaps already and I don't need the lip balm either as I already have a thousand all lying around the house....somewhere! Plus I tend to get more use out of bath products anyway as Friday night is my pamper night. I chuck in some bath bombs or a bubble bar and have a good soak whilst watching Netflix and then on goes the face mask.

I had to buy the Unicorn Horn though, for many reasons really - I am obsessed with anything Unicorny, it's sooo pretty and it smells lovely just to name a few. Plus you can stick it on your head and pretend to be a Unicorn....No? Just me? 
In this we have relaxing Lavendar Oil, Ylang Ylang Oil and Neroli Oil which is a lovely mood enhancing scent. So you can lie back and dream of Unicorns in the sky.
Unicorn Horn comes in at £4.95 each.

Lush Unicorn Horn

Up next is Lover Lamp, I got this due to the fact you are supposed to have the love hearts float around your bath when the bomb fizzes away. I am a sucker for things floating in my bath! This has a lovely clean smell and is infused with Brazilian Orange Oil and Fairtrade Vanilla Absolute. I love the smell of Vanilla so this was a must have for me.
Lover Lamp is just £3.95.

Lush Lover Lamp

So there you go, have a nice soak in a bath and smell heavenly on Valentines Day!

Have you ordered anything from Lush's Valentines Range, if so what did you get? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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