Collection Eyebrow Kit

Collection Eye-brow Palette

It's the year of the brow! So why not make them stand out and look amazing. I have been using an eyebrow pencil for a few years now but just recently I decided to change to a palette as I wanted a bit of a softer look. I find a pencil can be quite bold and shocking. 

I went with the blonde palette instead of the brown, even though I have brown hair and eyebrows as the colour I wanted was right in that one. I use the light brown colour in the middle.
You get three colours to choose from, a little slanted eyebrow brush and a clear mascara for keeping your brows in place.

Collection Eye-brow Palette

It applies really well but I find I do have to put a bit extra on and make it a little bit darker because when you swipe on the mascara it does take some of the colour off. I'm actually tempted to take my eyebrow pencil and draw the edges and fill them in with the palette and see what happens using the mascara then.

Collection Eye-brow Palette

My brows do last all day though, which is great. This is currently on offer for £2.99, it is usually £3.99 at full price though from Boots

Have you tried this yet? What do you use on your brows? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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