Beauty Goals For 2016

Normally I don't set myself beauty goals but this year I have decided I really do need to as there are a couple of things in particular that I do need to do, so setting myself some goals is perfect.
Beauty is supposed to be fun but it has become quite an essential part of our lives. If you think you look great then it helps you to be confident, have a great day etc. 
a couple of my goals are things I feel I need to do others are just something I want to learn to do.

Beauty Goals For 2016...

1. Master my skincare - This is one that I need to do! I have quite dry skin and so far the creams etc I have tried I feel haven't done much for me. My skin still looks dull and lifeless and I have terrible dryness and tightening skin so I really need to find a brand that really helps me with this.

2. Exfoliate more - Again another thing I need to do. I exfoliate once a week, body and face. My body is fine with just doing it once a week but my face not so much, I just keep forgetting to do it but I am really going to try and do it at least twice a week and see if this does actually help with maybe brightening up my skin a bit more.

3. Try and master my hair - I really hate my hair it is fine and unmanageable. I've just had some layers put in it but I need to try and master a good blow-dry. I'm getting a bit sick of it looking limp, although with the wind there's not a lot I can do as one tiny bit of wind and it look's like I've been dragged through a bush.

4. Master the winged eyeliner. I have tried and failed at this in the past but this this year I am determined to get it right.

5. Find the perfect red lipstick. With my pale skin red can look quite shocking, however I love a good red lippy so I really want to find one that will suit my skin tone.

So I don't have to many goals but they are hopefully all achievable. Do you have any beauty goals you are aiming for?



  1. I suffer from really dry skin too! If your looking for products to work well try NO7 Beautiful Skin range or Clinique 3 step - there both my holy grails when it comes to skincare! Love this post - I'm also V Pale and love a red lippy but can never find one to suit me! Rachel xx

    1. I got the beautiful skin set for Christmas along with the protect and perfect day and night cream.

      Caroline xo