Bagsy Wow Lips In Cocktail Hour

Bagsy Wow Lips - Cocktail Hour

I have finally gotten around to buying a red lipstick, I have always shyed away from red due to my pale skin but this year one of my beauty goals was to find a red lipstick that suited me. 
Since Bagsy Beauty came out last year I have instantly fallen in love with them, so now whenever I need a new lippy or anything I tend to go and look at what they have first. This time I came across Cocktail Hour and it is a beautiful shade of red indeed.

The first thing you notice with Bagsy along side their amazing quality products is the packaging!!
It is truly beautiful and something you actually want to get out and show off, each product and colour has a different design, they look fantastic in your make up bag. I also love the fact that most of their products have a beautiful little quote on them to. You can feel the time and love gone into their products.

Bagsy Wow Lips - Cocktail Hour

There was a few different shades of red but I decided to go with the brighter shade of red so I could then wear it all year round. I find with the darker reds come summer you don't really want to be wearing them. It is a great little chubby stick, perfect for drawing on your lips and thick enough for a great, steady hold.

Bagsy Wow Lips - Cocktail Hour

I actually found that even though it's a red lipstick it is quite 'buildable'. If you are drawing it on lightly then you can keep adding more for a subtle look or a bit of a bolder look if you so desire.
I have always found Bagsy's products to last quite a while to and this one is no exception - unless of course your having a drink etc then yes it will come off your lips a little quicker.
Being a chubby stick I didn't personally find the need for a lip liner but of course if you wanted to match up the colour by all means you can.

Bagsy Wow Lips - Cocktail Hour

I honestly can not recommend you checking out Bagsy Beauty enough if you haven't already, I truly love all their products, if only I was rich and could buy everything!

You can find Cocktail Hour on FeelUnique or in Debenhams Stores for £12.00.

What do you think to this red lipstick? Do you have it already? Let me know your thought's in the comments below.


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