One Wish In Manhattan

One Wish In Manhattan

Now Christmas is here, I have started the Christmas themed reads. I have a whole list that I want to try and get through this month and decided to start with One Wish In Manhattan.
We all know what sort of book this is going to be, the mushy love story, but hey it's Christmas that is exactly what I want!

Christmas: It's the most wonderful time of fall in love.

The temperature is dropping, snow is on it's way and Hayley Walker is heading to New York with one start over.

With her daughter Angel, Hayley is ready for adventure. But there's more to New York than twinkly lights and breathtaking skyscrapers. Angel has her own Christmas wish - to find her real Dad.

While Hayley tries to fulfill her daughter's wish, she crosses paths with billionaire Oliver Drummond. Restless and bored with fast living, there's something intriguing about him that has Hayley hooked.

Can Hayley dare to think her own dreams will come true - could a New York Christmas turn into a New York Forever?

Travel to the Big Apple this Christmas and join Hayley and Oliver as they realise life isn't just about filling the's about making every moment count.

A big warm-hearted story, full of Christmas sparkle that will delight fans of Jane Costello, Miranda Dickenson and Lucy Diamond. 

My Review

These are the sort of books I love - easy, fun and a good satisfying end, and I was not disappointed.
This was a good easy read and the chapters are not to long either, which I always like, if you don't have to long then I find it's great to be able to pick it up quick and get a couple of chapters in...or so you think!
The thing is I found that when I finished a chapter I had to read the next one so I knew what happened next, this was the reason I finished it in two days.
I found myself liking all the characters and being quite invested in them, hoping everything worked out for all of them.
Their stories were interesting and the first time Hayley and Oliver met was so fun and different.
The book was well written to which I liked. It was very descriptive so you could always picture the scene.
The story is written from both Hayley and Oliver's point of view which is great, as you then get a sense of how they are both feeling.
Overall if you are looking for a lovely story with a happy ending, then this is the book for you. Plus it's a Christmassy story and it's based in New York where it is snowing! This is the first book by Mandy Baggot that I have read and it will certainly not be the last.

Will you be reading this book, or have you already? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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