It's Christmaaaaas!

It's Christmas!

It is officially the 1st December which means only one thing, it is only 24 days till Christmas!
I love Christmas, every year I look forward to the festive season. I can't tell you just one thing that is my favorite thing about this time of year, I love everything from the lights, food, decorations and even the shopping even if it is stressful.

I thought I would share pictures of our house now that we have put our tree and decorations up over the weekend. I usually put them up during the last week on November purely because I can not contain myself for much longer! My boyfriend on the other hand is slightly bah humbug! He likes decorations but hates people putting them up before December, though he doesn't get much of a choice with me, that last week of November I get a serious case of the itchy trigger finger.

We brought a new tree last year and decided to go with a white one and I'm glad we did as it looks beautiful against the decorations we have.

Christmas tree decorations

Last year I started decorating the banister on our stairs to and added some baubles to make it look festive. I have done it again this year as I think it looks great!

Christmas stairs decorations

I always put our photo's and ornaments away come Christmas and replace them with the Christmas decorations, most of our decorations have come from The Range. I seriously can not let myself go in their now at this time of year unless I have some serious money on me, It's fantastic!

Christmas decorations

Christmas tree decorations

With the fairy lights and the flickering candles it looks so beautiful at night and it's so relaxing sitting reading or catching on Netflix, snuggled under a fleecy blanket and sipping hot chocolate.
It truly is a magical time of the year!

Have you got your decorations up yet? What's your favorite thing about Christmas? Let me know your thought's in the comments below.


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