Insta Natural Spot Treatment

Insta Natural spot treatment

During the winter months my skin can have a really hard time, the constant wind, rain and occasional snow can play havoc with my skin. I always find I need to change up my skin care a bit, especially when I have dry skin and looks dull normally anyway. So when I was asked to try out Insta Naturals Spot Treatment* I was more than happy as I had a feeling it would come in quite useful.

And to be fair it did, the cold weather came around and within the week I had a lovely big spot....on my cheek! Cringe worthy right? Who wants a spot right on their cheek? Oh and this was one of those lovely big red angry spots btw.
So i went ahead and tried the spot treatment. According to the packaging all you need to do it dip a cotton bud into the liquid and rub it on the spot. As it is packed with Salicylic Acid it is supposed to dry the spot out and make it dissapear.

I say supposed to because unfortunately this did not happen!
A week later I was still battling the horrible thing attached to my face, having been using the spot treatment twice a day since having the spot and it still not helping much at all, I ended up doing what I normally do and having a wash in the evening and before putting my facial oil and night cream on I stuck a big blob of Sudacrem on, washing it off before going to bed. By the next morning this had worked and it had come down a bit.

Insta Natural spot treatment

I was rather disapointed with this spot treatment to be honest because I have used Insta Naturals face creams and mud masks in the past and found them to be good, so I had high hopes for this. 
Maybe it just didn't work for me but to be fair my partner tried it as well, he has quit smoking cigarettes now for a good two months but in the process has been getting spots himself, and he said he didn't find it working for him either.

As I said maybe it will work for other people but I just found it didn't really do much for me at all.
However if you did want to try this one out, you can buy it from Amazon for £17.95.

Have you tried this spot treatment before? Did it work for you? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


*this product was sent to me for free in exchange for my honest review.

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