Have Yourself Some Christmas Sparkle!

Have yourself some christmas sparkle

There's nothing better during Christmas than glittery, sparkly beautiful nails. I seem to use my Jacava London nail polish in Red Velvet a lot during this time of year as well - which is what I am wearing in this post. But what's better than that? Adding glitter of course!

I have so many glitter polishes but the one I seem to use more than any other is Barry M's Starlight is is truly beautiful and really really sparkles in the light, making it perfect for the Christmas parties.

You only need two coats of Red Velvet for full coverage which I like and just a sprinkle of glitter. I wiped most of it off the brush on the bottle before lightly painting a little bit on. I finished with Barry M's daylight curing top coat. I really like this as a top coat and it's good on any nail polish not just their other daylight curing polishes.

Have Yourself Some Christmas Sparkle

Have yourself some christmas sparkle

I think Red Velvet is the perfect colour for this time of year and sparkly nails are fantastic for Christmas.

What do you think to this colour? What's your go to colour for Christmas? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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