Christmas Present Haul

Christmas present haul

Hello! I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas. It's so sad that Christmas has come and gone already. I have loved Christmas Eve as the build up and excitement not just from me but the kids as well was great, my partner was home for Christmas Eve this year so we did our usual Christmas Eve Traditions with him included.
Christmas Day was a lovely day, we got up and had a lovely breakfast and then opened up all our presents. My partners mum and boyfriend came round for a few hours as well which was nice. We were certainly stuffed after our dinner though - we started with soup, then had the usual Christmas turkey dinner and finished with a chocolate melt dome cake filled with orange cream. 
As for my presents this year, I got some really lovely things - and A LOT of beauty products which I was extremely happy about.

Christmas Present haul

I'm going to start though with the book I got and it was one I have been looking at getting for a little while. It is Lauren Conrad Beauty.

Christmas Present Haul

I have always been a fan of Lauren Conrad since the days of The Hills - which I still like to watch!
She just seems to effortlessly beautiful without seeming to think to much of herself so I wanted to read her book, I have read peoples reviews complaining that it's just a case of eat, drink and exercise with beauty tips. I am however already on chapter 4 and yes it is a bit like that but it is coming from her point of view from things she has done and tried in the past. She has asked a lot of questions to beauty and hair professionals purely because it is something that has interested her from an early age watching her mum do her make up. So I'd say if you are a Lauren Conrad fan you would actually like this book - I am definitely enjoying it.

I was also brought the Soap & Glory The Whole She-Bang gift set. To be fair I don't think this needs to be explained in to much detail, it's safe to say I am pretty sure everyone knows about this one.
I have actually never gotten around to buying one for myself though so it was a great present.
The bag it comes in is just gorgeous too. The products you get in the set are fantastic and it really does pretty much cover everything you would actually need, everything smells lovely and I am quite excited to try it all out.

Christmas Present Haul

Next up is the Boots No7 Gift Set. This is another fantastic one as again you get so much in it and pretty much covers everything you might need as well. From face creams, bath products to mascara. You can't really go wrong with the No7 range can you, I currently use their youthful facial oil and it has done my skin wonders so this set I am looking forward to using and seeing what the full set does for my skin.

Christmas Present Haul

As you may have read my partner took me to Derby to pick out some items from the Lush Store and after having to endure the smell in our bedroom for nearly a month without being able to touch them - now I finally can! I adore my Lush products they are my go to bath products on a Friday night when it comes to giving myself a good pamper. 

Christmas Present Haul

Apart from all these bits I also got some Thorntons Christmas Favorite Chocolates, a Body Shop voucher, a Lush voucher, money and an Avon Little Black Dress gift set. 

What did you get for Christmas this year? Let me know in the comments below.


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