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MAC Plumful

Like many others, I absolutely love MAC lipsticks.  The shade range is amazing, so there's something for everyone, and something for all the different times of year!

This autumn I've been reaching for one particular lipstick above all the others in my small collection, and that is MAC Plumful.

MAC Plumful is described by MAC as a "blossoming rose-plum" shade.  It's the perfect shade for autumn if you're looking for something a little more subtle and brightening than a berry lip, and is definitely a lot easier to pull off than a deep berry shade!  It looks amazing on most skin tones and it also looks good with most eye makeup looks, including my favourite gold/bronze eyeshadow shades!

MAC Plumful comes in MAC's 'Lustre' finish, which means that it gives a sheer coverage, which is buildable and quite glossy.  I particularly enjoy the Lustre finishes by MAC during the colder months as they feel so creamy and are really comfortable to wear.  I find that they really help to keep my lips moisturised and prevent them from drying out, unlike matte lipsticks.  They are also great for disguising dry lips and making them look all plump and healthy!  

As with most moisturising lipsticks, MAC Plumful does not last very long on the lips, and I do find myself having to reapply this every 2 hours.  However, I don't really mind this as it feels amazing on the lips and looks beautiful!  As it's sheer, you can also wear this over a darker lip liner if you're going for a more vampy look!

I would highly recommend checking out MAC Plumful next time you're passing by a MAC counter.  It is truly a perfect shade for autumn!

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