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Jungle Paradise | A N King

I was asked to read and review a recently published book called Jungle Paradise* by A N King.
After reading the description of the book, I was more than happy to read the book, it sounds exciting and luxurious. I love finding new books to read, sitting down with a cup of tea and a book is a great way to relax and let your troubles slide away. I had a feeling this book would make you do just this and more.

Plot Summary

Jungle Paradise, the worlds most exclusive tropical resort. Champagne, palm trees and turquoise lagoons. Invite only. Ultimate luxury.

When a female guest is assaulted by a man in a bull mask, newly-made millionaire Alex Newman is sent into Jungle Paradise to find the perpetrator. But snooping around under the watchful eye of billionaire owner Dimitry Dominov won't be easy. And with a love story developing along the way, this case will be one Alex never forgets.

Jungle Paradise

My Review

The cover to the book is the first thing that draws you in, sandy white beach, clear blue sea and palm trees. It looks like somewhere in the Caribbean or Mexico. 
The thing you notice whilst reading this book is the detail, you can easy picture every scene and what is happening. This really makes you feel apart of the story. The chapters are nice and short to which is great as I always seem to be able read a lot faster and because they are short you feel you can always read "just one more chapter".
Alex is a self made millionaire and is now working for his brothers PI Company. He is sent into Jungle Paradise to find the man in the bull mask who assaulted a female guest, Emma Buckingham. You follow him through the palm trees, over the lagoons and in the bamboo bar.
Some of the characters you meet along the way tend to stick out. There is Freddie, who comes across as your typical toff and probably someone you would find on Made In Chelsea.
Tom is another character that pops up a couple of times, you definitely get the sense he knows something about what is happening in Jungle Paradise as does the man with the shaved head,  who Alex see's standing in the trees watching him, he also installs a Jungle Paradise app onto Alex's iPad without Alex knowing. The fact that Alex had hid his iPad under his clothes in his bag makes you wonder whether they knew what he was doing from the start.
You get the feeling that Dimitry himself either is the bull or knows something about it, when he comes to talk to Alex he seems to be goading him on at first about the subject, then almost warns him to be careful. Is this something he can't do about the bull or is it him?
Jungle Paradise really is a luxury resort with no expense spared. Every guest has complimentary clothes, bathroom products and food and drink. 
This is fast paced, well written and has a great surprise ending. I actually hope to see another Alex Newman book.
You can buy this book in paperback on amazon.

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