Autumn Fitness Essentials | Best Outdoor Workout Ideas

Autumn Fitness Essentials | Best Outdoor Workout Ideas

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Today I have a guest post from Peter Minkoff who is a lifestyle writer from HighStyleLife Magazine.
Peter is bringing us his tips for staying in shape during the Autumn months. I hope you enjoy reading his post.

Autumn is the perfect season for working out: not too cold, not too hot, but just right. Especially, if you have recently arrived from a summer vacation and you need some time to get back on the track. The summer is called the season of resting and winter should be called the season of feasting. Winter is coming and with it the numerous holidays and highly caloric food. Thus, this is the time to think about our weight and nutrtion more than ever. That is why Autumn is a great time to start establishing a fitness routine that will keep us prepared for the future temptations. We do not want to renounce our favorite skinny jeans because of the many delicious treats upon us. Let us see then, how can you workout, while enjoying the fresh Autumn air.
Be an Early Bird
Rise and shine! The sun sets off earlier during Autumn, so you will feel as if you have lost all day, when you wake up late. There is no reason to wait for the afternoon sun or the evenings to start working out. By getting up early, you will feel more energized for the rest of the day, and you will have enough time for all your morning exercises. We know how tempting it can be to hit the snooze button and roll over and go back to sleep. Try to resist it and you will, eventually, feel great, we promise.

Walk through the Vibrant Hues of Leaves

Dress in your favorite sweat suit or yoga pants and head to the nearest park, where the leaves are yellow, golden and brown. This is a little something you can do everyday. Put your headset on, play your favorite music and contemplate the meaning of life, or the next stilettos you are going to buy. Not only will you burn a couple of calories along the way, but you will also strengthen your bones and improve your mood.

Speed up the Pace

Jogging or cycling when the air is brisk and the temperatures drop can be a true energy booster. If you lack motivation,  make sure you gather some friends, so you can have fitness activities joined with a gossip session. If that, however, is not challenging enough for you, why not try something new? Trail running through amazing seasonal sceneries or cyclo-cross races, are a great place to start.

Now Take a Moment to Breath

Autumn Fitness Essentials | Best Outdoor Workout Ideas

Taking yoga classes outside is the perfect way to reconnect with nature. Being in a natural surrounding intensifies yoga experience, especially when you are surrounded with the many colours of this amazing season. An Autumn breeze can deepen your breathing, a fallen leaf can focus your attention on something small and still and the many noises of nature can help you embrace the elements.


And no, we are not referring to necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc. We are talking about those small and not that small items that can help you perform better when working out outside and that you can easily bring with you. Set of lighter weights, pilates band and ball, a yoga mat and a towel should be enough. Do not forget to layer your clothes. The weather can be chillier, especially if you are working out in the morning.

It is not over until it's over.
Autumn Fitness Essentials | Best Outdoor Workout Ideas

Do not think that you are finished with your routine after you are done with exercising. You must stretch after exercising to increase the range of motions. Make sure you relieve and relax all the tight muscles that were active during exercising. Post workout nutrition is also important, so make sure you are following appropriate guide for refilling your energy stocks with proper nutrients and recovery drinks.

So what do you say? Are you ready to turn your autumn fitness groove on? Step aside and enjoy the fresh air, while being active and energized. Yes, winter is coming and you have nothing to worry about.
Peter Minkoff

Thank you Peter for your post today. If you enjoyed reading Peter's post then follow him on twitter.

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