Tisserand Rose Garden Bath Oil

Tisserand Rose Garden Bath Oil

Hi lovelies!

Today I am talking about Tisserand's Rose Garden Bath Oil. This was another purchase from my Feel Unique order. I always have one day a week where I have a soak in the bath with some bath oil and have a really good pamper. From exfoliating, face masks and de-fuzzing. I usually do this on a Sunday ready for the week ahead. For the past couple of weeks I have been using my Tisserand Bath oil.

I was really looking forward to using this as I love bath oils especially during the autumn/winter months, they do absolute wonders for my skin, which tends to dry out during the colder months so these are great for putting the moisture back in and making my skin really soft.

All you have to do is put a cap full in your bath and swirl it around. So I left the bath to run and came back in expecting the bathroom to smell like roses right?....Errrm kind of!
The smell was so very slight and after a bit I didn't really notice it so that was a bit disappointing to be honest. On the plus side though my skin did feel really nice and softer when I got out the bath. Normally with bath oils they are clear and you wouldn't think you had anything in the bath if you hadn't put it in yourself but with Tisserand it actually turns the bath slightly white with a few bubbles here and there, that is a nice touch I think, for me it adds that extra bit of a pampering touch. 

Tisserand Rose Garden Bath Oil

Overall I'm happy with this bath oil....would I buy it again? Probably not, I just think that for £12.50 I expect a little bit more from this. I want a bathroom smelling of roses and the bath to feel like you have some bath oil in there. The only thing I can go by is the Avon Skin So Soft bath oil I normally use, this one is lovely on my skin, you can actually feel it on your skin as your in the bath and that's what I don't get with this one. So for £12.50 it isn't quite up to scratch for me, it's nice but just not for me.

Have you ever used Tisserand Bath Oil? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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