Reasons Why I Love Autumn

Hi lovelies,

So September starts a new season, and it happens to be one of my favorites!
Autumn is great for so many reasons and today I am going to share some of those reasons why I love autumn with you.
If like me you prefer being warm and cozy apposed to being hot and sweaty then autumn is a great season that we should all be welcoming.
Why? Well here's a few reasons:

1. Cozy jumpers and cardigans
I love my thick knitted jumpers and cardigans, especially in lovely greys and neutral tones.

2. Scented Candles
Ok so you can burn these all year round but lets be honest they go so well with autumn and winter as it's the start of the new scents. I've just picked up a spiced orange one - yum!

3. Special's menu at Costa 
It's the run up to Christmas which means costa start selling their autumn/christmas range I remember last year they came out with a black forrest hot chocolate. It was amazing!

4. Tartan
This year I have really started to love the tartan trend - I NEED a tartan scarf.

5. Walks in the park
Coats, hats and scarves = a lovely romantic walk in the park. It's so pretty when all the leaves turn brown and start falling to the floor.

I LOVE Christmas and September starts the Christmas countdown for me, I can't wait to start putting all the decorations up and wrapping the pressies whilst listening to Christmas songs.

7. Hot Chocolate
Snuggled up on the sofa, watching Netflix and sipping on hot chocolate with whipped cream, yum!

8. Blankets 
I love fur blankets and the good thing is they keep you so warm so there's no need to actually stick the heating on for a while longer yet.

What's your favorite season? Are you looking forward to autumn as well? What's your favorite thing about autumn? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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