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Feel Unique

Hi Lovelies!

The other week I put in my very first order. I have seen their products so much on TV, Instagram, Twitter etc but never actually ordered anything. I think I have always preferred to go into a shop to buy things just purely for the fact that I have the item there and then!

I decided one day to have a look on their website and came across some items I actually really wanted to try but you can't get them in the shops and they are a Exclusive.
I decided now was the time to put an order in so I added my items to the basket and signed up. 
What I loved about Feel Unique is that if you are a new customer you get 15% off your first order. You also get free delivery if you spend £10.00 or more, personally I think this is great as most retailers you have to spend a minimum of £20.00 + most of the time to get the free delivery. 
After signing up I filled in my personal profile, and here's another thing I loved, once you have filled in your profile you then get to choose one brand off the entire website and you then get 10% off that brand for life. You do get the chance to change your chosen brand after 6 months if you wish. How amazing is that? So every time you order that brand you automatically get 10% off it at the checkout.

I'm guessing you want to know what I brought? Well here it is:

Bagsy Lip Cocoon Balm - Lemon Lustre £7.00
Bagsy Lip Cocoon Balm - Raspberry £7.00
Bagsy Hair Wonder Dry Shampoo £5.00
Tisserand Rose Garden Bath Oil £12.50

I love lip balms, I have so many lying around the house that when I saw these I just had to get them both. Dry shampoo is something I love, it's great if I simply can't be bothered to wash my hair and it's in that in-between stage. Bath oil is also an essential for me during the autumn/winter seasons. My skin tends to dry out a bit with wearing jumpers, scarves etc as it tends to get less air plus the cold weather but bath oils really help with making my skin soft and moisturised still. 

I was really impressed by the delivery to it was dispatched very quickly the next working day if I remember rightly! I ordered the day before Bank Holiday Monday so it was dispatched on the Tuesday, it was delivered to me on the Friday by courier. I qualified for the free delivery but I did actually pay £1.00 to get it tracked as I always prefer to track my packages if I can just so I know if it's being delivered that day and I know not to go out so I don't miss it.

So there we have it, I am currently trying everything out but I will put them up on my blog very soon so keep an eye out for that.
What did you think to the items I brought, have you ever used before? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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