Harry Potter Studio Tour

Harry Potter Studio Tour

Hi lovelies,

If you remember my post about my trip to London (post is here) then you will remember me saying we went to the Harry Potter Studio Tour. I didn't give to much away in that post but I have now decided to do a whole post dedicated to the tour just because of how fantastic it really was.

We traveled by train to get there, it's easier than I thought it would be, in fact I tend to panic when going to places like this and it was only when I knew we were on the right train that I actually relaxed. We got the train from London Euston to Watford Junction and then they put on a shuttle bus from Watford Junction to The Studio Tour. It is just £2.00 return each which is a really good price. It is not hard to miss the bus at all as you can see from the next picture.

Harry Potter Shuttle Bus

Isn't it amazing! It was very exciting just seeing the bus!
It only took 10-15 minutes on the bus to get there, once we came round the corner and saw the building, you could just feel the excitement coming off everybody on the bus. Everyone was taking pictures as soon as we got off the bus and a couple of lovely girls took our picture so we could have a nice family one.
Once you get inside there are pictures all around the top of the walls of the characters young and older, they also had the flying car and some luggage around. You have to queue up for your time slot, the queue was huge and I did think we were going to be there for a while but actually we weren't. The kids were given a passport book each to collect stickers for as we went around. As you are in the queue you get to go past the cupboard under the stairs which was great to see.
As you are let in you start in a big room where there is a tour guide ready to meet you, she got us to cheer for our favorite Harry Potter film (mines the last 2) and then you watch a short video about the films and the first book. Then you are let into another room which is basically a massive cinema with really comfy leather chairs. You then watch another slightly longer video introduced by Harry, Ron and Hermione this time about the tour it's self and the actors time on set. 
Once you finish watching that the screen lifts to reveal the doors to the great hall, I must admit it was amazing to see, it was just so exciting.

Harry Potter Studio Tour

Walking into the great hall was amazing, you actually feel like the characters on their first day of Hogwarts going to be sorted into their houses. You have a tour guide go in with you and give you a bit of information but then you are left to wander about at your own leisure after that. It was fantastic in there they had everything from clothes from wardrobe, food, cutlery and two of the long tables they sat at. Right at the end of the great hall though were dummies of all the teachers including Mr Filch, dressed in clothes from the various films. Seeing Dumbledore at his post was a really nice touch.

Professor Dumbledore

The next room was full of different props and sets from the Gryffindor Common room, Hagrids hut and the Weasleys house. Along with props from the ball, the front gates to Hogwarts and so much more I can't possibly list everything. You can't touch anything as there are rails to stop you but you can totally understand that as all this has survived filming and is still in perfect condition. At the weasleys house though you can put you hand over little signs and if you wave your hand in a circular motion it starts moving objects on the set so you can chop the carrots, wash a pan and do some knitting. This was a really good touch as the kids loved doing that.

Gryffindor common room

Hogwarts clock

After you have been through that room there is another room off to the side where you can ride on a broomstick and have your picture taken, or even have your picture taken in the flying car. We did a family picture in the flying car and then the boys wanted to ride on the broomstick each. The photo's we got back were stunning, it's a great thing to do if you go.
It probably takes you about an hour to go round that entire room maybe longer if you are doing the photos. The other thing in that room I want to mention is the table where Voldemort and the death eaters are sitting at Lucius Malfoy's house was there complete with a swinging woman above the table and the snake. After you come out this room you go into the newest part of the tour and I am so glad we went after they put this in because seeing the Hogwarts Express was completely amazing, you can even walk on the train and see little props that they have decorated each cabin with. 

Hogwarts Express

There is then a little cafe bit which serves hot food and butter beer. We actually tried this when we went to Universal Studio's in Florida and it was so nice. Some people say it's a bit to sweet and sickly for them but I personally love it, it tastes a bit like toffee.

Outside is the Knight Bus, Privet Drive, the Potters Cottage from Godricks Hollow and the bridge from Hogwarts. Thankfully we had lovely dry weather for this bit. There was also Hagrids motorcycle and the flying car, the kids actually got to sit on these and have their pictures taken.

The next part of the tour was the make up and design department where they showed all the masks and other bits they had made for the film. There was goblin heads, werewolves, dragons etc. There was a glass box with Hedwig, Voldemort (as he was in the train station in Harry's dream), the big book of monsters and a Mandrake. Each had buttons to press and each one did something different.
Next up was Diagon Alley, this was something that takes your breath away a bit, again there was rails up so unfortunately you can't go into the shops but you can have pictures taken outside of them, obviously I had to have one outside Ollivanders. Whilst we were there they had a theme on called Sweets and Treats, so you got to see how some of the sweets and other food props were made and even got to buy some of them. At Diagon Alley we got to touch some of the ice cream scoops and see how the ice cream desserts are made. Believe me they are heavy! It surprised me a bit, I thought they would be made of foam or something but they are actually made of resin, hence why they are so heavy. Sweets and Treats is on during the summer months, 
The last part was a huge room with a massive model of Hogwarts Castle that they used for the arial shots. This literally took my breath away it is absolutely amazing to see. Whatever I say now just will not do it justice.

Hogwarts Castle

You finish off at the gift shop which was huge and there really is just about anything that you can think of there. We ended up spending just over £120 in there. My partner was disappointed they didn't have more Voldemort items though as all they had really was a t-shirt. To be fair he was rather a major character and the main bad guy so you would think they would have had a bit more. 

If you are thinking of going, dont think...just GO!!!
Honestly you will not be dissapointed, as a huge fan of Harry Potter it is a dream come true to walk round the tour. I remember getting the first three books one year for Christmas and they have all since become one of my most favorite set of books to read. I still have them all to this day, slightly faded but I don't care I will treasure them forever and it's been great to see my eldest reading them, and I can't wait for my youngest to get into the books. The books are better than the films - they always are but the films have been so fantastic still and I am a 30 year old Harry Potter fan and always will be.

Have you been. What did you think? Which is your favorite Harry Potter film? 


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