Essie Angora Cardi

Essie | Angora Cardi

Hi lovelies!

So it is officially Autumn now! This is definitely my favorite season, cozy jumpers, boots and utility jackets oh and woolly hats and pretty scarves. Yes I love the autumn, and with autumn comes the oh so gorgeous darker shades of polish. My favorite has to be Essie's Angora Cardi, in fact it is the first polish I pull out at the start of autumn every year!

It is such a beautiful shade of purple and it starts the new season off well I think, it's not to dark but not to bright. A lovely happy medium.

Essie | Angora Cardi

It's such a beautiful shade, it actually reminds me of Barry M Vintage Violet, though that is slightly darker.
I love the brushes on Essie polishes, they are so easy to use which makes it easier to paint your nails with, I have such small nails that big fat brushes are a pain to use. The polish it's self is great to use and it's really opaque so you only need two coats.

Essie | Angora Cardi

I think this shade goes well with the neutral tones that I tend to start wearing at this time of year.

What do you think to this shade? Lets me know in the comments below.


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