Bagsy Dry shampoo

Bagsy | Hair Wonder Dry Shampoo

Hi lovelies!

This is the second product I have reviewed from Bagsy. The other being their Lip Cocoon Balms.
I'm a bit hit and miss with dry shampoo's to be honest, I know that Batiste is used by so many people but I've never found it to be a wonder product for me, so I went into this expecting the same result to be honest.

Oh how wrong I was! 

Per the instructions you spray it onto the roots and leave for two minutes before brushing through....Ok!

The last time I washed my hair properly would have been on the Wednesday so come Friday my hair looked greasy to be honest so that was the perfect time to try this bad boy out. I brushed my teeth, stuck this in my hair and washed my face, did my usual facial routine and then brushed my hair through. My hair went from greasy and limp to beautiful. I was amazed I have to be honest as I don't usually get this with dry shampoo's. 
It gets better to because my hair lasted all that day AND the day after to! So I didn't actually have to wash my hair properly again till the Sunday, how amazing is that? I have such thin and fine hair and it tends to go greasy fairly quickly so if I don't wash it everyday then I can't leave it anymore than every other day, resulting in washing it at least 4-5 times a week so to only have to wash it twice was fantastic. Oh and I didn't mention it's only £5.00!!

Bagsy | Hair Wonder Dry Shampoo

This is another Feel Unique exclusive...although if you have been following Bagsy on Instagram you will have heard that their products are coming to a department store, which one? we don't know yet but keep an eye out for that! I love how pretty the packaging is to, it really does look good in the bathroom.

Have you tried Bagsy's Dry Shampoo yet? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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