Bagsy Beauty Lip Cocoon Balms

Bagsy Lip Cocoon Balms

Hi lovelies! 

If you saw my post on Wednesday about my order {post can be found here} then you will remember me saying I ordered some Bagsy Lip Cocoon Balms. I have been constantly using these since I got them.

Bagsy are a fairly new brand and I found out about them whilst browsing the Feel Unique website. I absolutely love lip balms I have them all around the house, I don't know why I keep buying more when I haven't finished the ones I have but hey you can't have to many lip balms...Can you?

The first thing I noticed about these when I got them was the packaging - it's absolutely stunning!
These will look amazing in your handbag right. There are two different balms one is a clear Lemon Lustre and a tinted Raspberry. I got one of each as I couldn't decide between them.

Bagsy Lip Cocoon Balms

Bagsy Lip Cocoon Balms

I did wonder how the Lemon Lustre would smell as lemon scents can be quite strong but in fact it isn't strong at all, it is a lovely subtle scent. This one has a beautiful yellow, green and orange geometric design on the packaging and I think it goes well with the scent. 

Bagsy Lip Cocoon Balms

Bagsy Lip Cocoon Balms

The tinted Raspberry balm has a beautiful girly cherry blossom feel to the packaging and the balm it's self is slightly tinted in a pinky/red colour.

These actually came in perfect time as around the end of August the weather here changed and we have a few days where it went from dry, sunny weather to absolutely lashing it down with rain and it's certainly gone colder. Therefore for some reason my top lip went really dry and slightly cracked. So this was the perfect way to test these balms out and see what they were made of.

I used these probably about 4-5 times a day to top up after having a drink etc and after just a few days I noticed a difference in my top lip. It was a lot less cracked and slightly softer. It wasn't completely gone yet but they did so well in just those two days that I continued using them and in less than a week my lip was pretty much back to normal. I was so pleased about this as I have had this before and even Vaseline has taken a bit longer than that.

Lemon Lustre is a clear balm so it just makes your lips look slightly shinier but Raspberry is great as it is tinted. You can actually wear this with no make-up and it gives you that nice rosy colour to your lips but it's not to much. Even with make-up it's a nice subtle colour to your lips.

These balms are full of Sunflower oil, Shea Butter, Castor Oil and Beeswax so they leave your lips feeling nourished and softer. And boy do they! If they can get rid of my scaly top lip then they are a winner to me. They are just £7.00 each and you can buy them from Feel Unique.

What do you think to these lip balms, will you be purchasing any? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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