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The Candle Factory

Hi lovelies,

I was wandering around town the other week looking for a birthday card for my partner's nephew in The Card Factory when I spotted they have actually started doing candles now, they had a whole display full of them. 

They had quite a few scents from Rose, vanilla to orange. They do tealights, big jars and medium size candles and all at very reasonable prices to, I was very impressed.
I love my candles so I went ahead and picked up these Velvet Rose tealights, I went with the tealights just to see how good they were first and if I was impressed I'd pick up a bigger one. I actually got a pack of 9 tealights for just 99p.

Velvet Rose

I was given a beautiful tealight holder with my name on it from a friend as a gift for house watching when she went on holiday so I finally got to use it, after getting one out the box and giving it a smell, it was a lovely smell, just like roses.

Velvet Rose

I've had them burning for about 1 and a half to 2 hours a night and so far they have lasted 4 days, being tealights I'm not expecting them to last to long to be honest. I don't notice the smell to much when I'm in the room but if I've gone out the room and come back in I have definitely smelt the rose essence in the air.

Velvet Rose

For 99p I was slightly skeptical but they are actually not too bad, it would be nice if you could maybe smell them whilst being in the room but the smell isn't very strong though so it's a shame you have to go out the room to smell them but at least you can smell them I suppose. I burnt two at a time and with them lasting about 4-5 days it's not bad at all baring in mind I had another 7 left in the box. 

If you want something cheap and cheerful then these are great but obviously if you want something that gives out a bit of a kick then I'd maybe go with something like Yankee Candle. These are fantastic though if like me you are just sat here blogging with a cup of tea and you want to light a few candles for some nice relaxing atmosphere. 
As much as I like these candles I don't think I will be giving up on my Yankee Candles just yet. I will probably buy some more of these but I will be sticking with the tealights as I will be using them purely for the candle light relaxing atmosphere. 

Have you tried these yet? What's your favorite brand/scent or do you think it doesn't matter?


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