Review: Apple Watch Sport Edition

Hi lovelies,

So today I am bringing you my opinion on the Apple Watch - Sport Edition.
I was lucky enough to get one off my boyfriend for my 30th birthday this month and I have been wearing it all the time!

At first I wasn't sure if it was going to be quite worth the £299 price tag - yes rather pricey!
Though to be fair I didn't know to much about them either, my boyfriend works for a certain phone company (10 points to Gryfindor if you can guess which one) and so he knows a lot about all this. 

It pairs up with your iPhone, you will need the iPhone 5/5S or higher for it to pair up. and you can get your Instagram feed, Twitter feed, Whatsapp, I have Ebay, Etsy, Amazon and much more. There are so many apps you can get on this watch. You can control your music on it as well which is fantastic as I now never have to take my phone out my bag to switch a song, I can pop in my headphones and control everything from my watch. There is a camera on there but to be honest it takes a picture off your phone still so that's a bit rubbish I think as I may as well just use the phone in the first place.
The thing I love most about this watch though is the activity tracker and the workout apps. It gives you targets each week for calories burnt, exercise and how much you stand up for. Whilst I was in London (post here) I smashed my targets so lets see how I get on this week. The workout app lets you do outdoor and indoor walking, outdoor and indoor running, stair stepper, rower, outdoor and indoor cycle plus more so I am quite excited by this to, plus it has a heart rate monitor. Siri is included in the watch which does come in handy sometimes on my phone. It has a retina display with force touch so you can press on it a little harder and it wont break. It is also water resistant which is very good.  
Customisation is rather good as well as you can change your watch faces and most of them you can change the colour of as well, so you can have it to suit you.

Apple Watch Menu

Apple Watch Instagram

Apple Watch twitter menu

Apple Watch Twitter feed

Apple Watch Fitness

 Overall I think this is a great bit of kit and the one day I did actually forget to wear it, I felt really lost without it. You can buy the Apple Watch here. You can get a white, blue, green or a black strap with it. The straps are excellent as with all watches I've had before they slip about on your wrist, this watch doesn't do that at all, it stays put all day long with no slipping. 

Is it worth the £299 price tag? I think so as I definitely get so much use out of it and I can't wait to start my workout properly again with it as well.
Do you have one or are you thinking of getting one? What are your opinions?



  1. I got mine just after it came out but got it on finance on Apple's website (£50 for 6 months) which I didn't think was too bad. I got the same as you but the white strap (only issue I have is that the white has discolored and gets dirty very quickly. As for the watch - I love it - think its one of the best purchases I have made :)

    John ¦ Shout John

    1. Oh that is a good price then! I knew they did that just wasn't sure how much it was. That's a shame about the strap. I want the blue one as well at £35 though it's really good. I actually want the dusky pink strap but I can't bring myself to pay over £200 for it - it is just a strap!
      I'm glad you love the watch though it really does come in handy doesn't it?!