My Top 5 Favorite Netflix Shows

Top 5 Netflix Shows

Hi lovelies,

Netflix has become a big thing in my life since it started! At least once a day I have it on. I usually tend to watch something whilst eating lunch then at some point during the evening. I have found some of my most favorite TV shows on there.

It is extremely hard to pick just 5 as there are so many on there but I have tried to pick some and here they are:

1. Pretty Little Liars
Series 6 | Series on Netflix 6

Pretty Little Liars

I love this program so much, in fact I have just finished watching the lastest series. I don't want to spoil anything for anyone but to be honest I actually wasn't to impressed with the last episode. 
If you love yourself the usual cheesy teen programme then this is for you. It has that slight cheese factor but with a great who done it factor...or in this case who is it? 
When one of the 5 girls goes missing the other four girls start getting mysterious texts off 'A'. They have to figure out who A is before secrets start getting revealed about each of them. Be warned though if you haven't started watching this DO NOT google it as there are so many spoilers it will ruin everything for you.

2. Gossip Girl
Series 6 | Series on Netflix 6

Gossip Girl

Hey upper East Siders, who is the topic of a scandal today?
I simply adore this programme and was so sad when it finished. 
Privileged teens from the Upper East Side of New York can hide no secret from the ruthless blogger who is always watching. My favorite character has to be Blair Waldorf she is amazing to watch. 

3. Once Upon A Time
Series 4 | Series on Netflix 4

Once upon a time

I have been a fan of Disney all my life so when I happened to stumble across this one, it was very exciting. I wasn't to sure how they were going to go about this and I was hoping they wouldn't tarnish the characters but they haven't in any way! In fact the evil Queen from Snow White is played perfectly and has so much depth. Ok so it's a bit cheesy in part but come on it's Princes and Princess's what did you expect. I have loved watching this one and can not wait for the new season to start in September.

4. Grimm 
Series 4 | Series on Netflix 3


Grimm was one I had heard about from friends but never actually watched till I came across it on Netflix and so decided to give it a go, and am I glad I did!
Detective Nick Burkhart finds out he is the last of the Grimms, a being who protects the humans from monsters brought to life from fairy tales. 
This program just pulls you in from the very beginning and it can get quite dark at times but that's one of the things I love about this, you have werewolves, demons, a whole host of animals and even little Christmas dwarfs. If you love the supernatural this is for you.

5. White Collar
Series 5 | Series on Netflix 5

White collar

Erm, Matt Bomer that's all that needs to be said here right?....
No but seriously this is a great show and again one I just randomly stumbled on, I have been literally waiting for ages for them to put the final series on as the UK stopped showing it here (not happy!) and they finally have yay!
To avoid doing jail time an ultra-suave con man signs on to help the FBI catch other white collar criminals but he conceals an ulterior motive. I am so sad there won't be any more seasons of this.

So there you go that was so hard, having just written all these I am contemplating bumping one as I have just remembered about American Horror Story, oh well that can be an unofficial sixth one. I don't really know what I would do without Netflix now but I am so glad it is out there.

What programs do you watch on Netflix and can you make a top 5?



  1. Some great choices there, PLL and OUAT are some of my faves too! I agree with you, the end to PLL was a bit disappointing but the rest has been great, hopefully the rest of the series will improve when it comes back.
    Didn't realise Grimm was on netflix either, I will definitely have to give that a go as it sounds great!

    Joe | x

    1. Oh I didn't realise they were bringing it back because of now finding out. Though it does explain the very last scene.
      Yes definitely give Grimm a go if you are into the supernatural.
      My list on Netflix is so long, I can't seem to fit it all in.

      Caroline xo