The Candle Factory - Velvet rose Tealights

The Candle Factory

Hi lovelies,

I was wandering around town the other week looking for a birthday card for my partner's nephew in The Card Factory when I spotted they have actually started doing candles now, they had a whole display full of them. 

They had quite a few scents from Rose, vanilla to orange. They do tealights, big jars and medium size candles and all at very reasonable prices to, I was very impressed.
I love my candles so I went ahead and picked up these Velvet Rose tealights, I went with the tealights just to see how good they were first and if I was impressed I'd pick up a bigger one. I actually got a pack of 9 tealights for just 99p.

Velvet Rose

I was given a beautiful tealight holder with my name on it from a friend as a gift for house watching when she went on holiday so I finally got to use it, after getting one out the box and giving it a smell, it was a lovely smell, just like roses.

Velvet Rose

I've had them burning for about 1 and a half to 2 hours a night and so far they have lasted 4 days, being tealights I'm not expecting them to last to long to be honest. I don't notice the smell to much when I'm in the room but if I've gone out the room and come back in I have definitely smelt the rose essence in the air.

Velvet Rose

For 99p I was slightly skeptical but they are actually not too bad, it would be nice if you could maybe smell them whilst being in the room but the smell isn't very strong though so it's a shame you have to go out the room to smell them but at least you can smell them I suppose. I burnt two at a time and with them lasting about 4-5 days it's not bad at all baring in mind I had another 7 left in the box. 

If you want something cheap and cheerful then these are great but obviously if you want something that gives out a bit of a kick then I'd maybe go with something like Yankee Candle. These are fantastic though if like me you are just sat here blogging with a cup of tea and you want to light a few candles for some nice relaxing atmosphere. 
As much as I like these candles I don't think I will be giving up on my Yankee Candles just yet. I will probably buy some more of these but I will be sticking with the tealights as I will be using them purely for the candle light relaxing atmosphere. 

Have you tried these yet? What's your favorite brand/scent or do you think it doesn't matter?


Book Review: Eight Hundred Grapes

Eight Hundred Grapes

Eight Hundred Grapes is the second book from my Summer Reading List (post here).
This is a different sort of read for me as I am usually reading your normal chick flick, thrillers or horror so it was a nice refreshing change to read something a little different.

There are secrets you share and secrets you hide...
Growing up on her family's Sonoma Vineyard, Georgia Ford learned some important secrets.The secret number of grapes it takes to make a bottle of wine: eight hundred. The secret ingredient in her mother's lasagna: chocolate. The secret to ending a fight: holding hands.
But just a week before her wedding, thirty year old Georgia discovers her fiancee has been keeping a secret so explosive, it will change their lives forever.
Georgia does what she always does, returns to the family vineyard, expecting the comfort of her long-married parents, and her brothers, and everything familiar. But it turns out her fiancee is not the only one keeping secrets...

This was such an easy read, I read it in less than a week. It keeps you interested as you really do want to find out what happens in certain situations or what people are hiding. 
The characters in this book are very interesting and have good depth which is something that you don't always find, the occasional flashbacks are very interesting to. 
Set in a beautiful vineyard it is very easy to fall in love here, the writing is excellent in setting the scene. It is very easy to imagine Sebastopol in Sonama County as everything is very well described.
Georgia has had such a great relationship with her parents, especially her father and that is so nice to read, you find yourself being quite invested in the characters.
Laura Dave's writing is so good in this book that it really does just suck you right in. Every now and then the perfect book comes along and for me this was it, and just in time for the summer months to.
I found all the characters very likable, which again, you don't find very often. If there is one book you should read, it should definitely be Eight Hundred Grapes. 

You can buy Eight Hundred Grapes from Amazon for just £9.61.

Have you read this book, what were your thoughts? Or will you be reading this in the future?

My Top 5 Favorite Netflix Shows

Top 5 Netflix Shows

Hi lovelies,

Netflix has become a big thing in my life since it started! At least once a day I have it on. I usually tend to watch something whilst eating lunch then at some point during the evening. I have found some of my most favorite TV shows on there.

It is extremely hard to pick just 5 as there are so many on there but I have tried to pick some and here they are:

1. Pretty Little Liars
Series 6 | Series on Netflix 6

Pretty Little Liars

I love this program so much, in fact I have just finished watching the lastest series. I don't want to spoil anything for anyone but to be honest I actually wasn't to impressed with the last episode. 
If you love yourself the usual cheesy teen programme then this is for you. It has that slight cheese factor but with a great who done it factor...or in this case who is it? 
When one of the 5 girls goes missing the other four girls start getting mysterious texts off 'A'. They have to figure out who A is before secrets start getting revealed about each of them. Be warned though if you haven't started watching this DO NOT google it as there are so many spoilers it will ruin everything for you.

2. Gossip Girl
Series 6 | Series on Netflix 6

Gossip Girl

Hey upper East Siders, who is the topic of a scandal today?
I simply adore this programme and was so sad when it finished. 
Privileged teens from the Upper East Side of New York can hide no secret from the ruthless blogger who is always watching. My favorite character has to be Blair Waldorf she is amazing to watch. 

3. Once Upon A Time
Series 4 | Series on Netflix 4

Once upon a time

I have been a fan of Disney all my life so when I happened to stumble across this one, it was very exciting. I wasn't to sure how they were going to go about this and I was hoping they wouldn't tarnish the characters but they haven't in any way! In fact the evil Queen from Snow White is played perfectly and has so much depth. Ok so it's a bit cheesy in part but come on it's Princes and Princess's what did you expect. I have loved watching this one and can not wait for the new season to start in September.

4. Grimm 
Series 4 | Series on Netflix 3


Grimm was one I had heard about from friends but never actually watched till I came across it on Netflix and so decided to give it a go, and am I glad I did!
Detective Nick Burkhart finds out he is the last of the Grimms, a being who protects the humans from monsters brought to life from fairy tales. 
This program just pulls you in from the very beginning and it can get quite dark at times but that's one of the things I love about this, you have werewolves, demons, a whole host of animals and even little Christmas dwarfs. If you love the supernatural this is for you.

5. White Collar
Series 5 | Series on Netflix 5

White collar

Erm, Matt Bomer that's all that needs to be said here right?....
No but seriously this is a great show and again one I just randomly stumbled on, I have been literally waiting for ages for them to put the final series on as the UK stopped showing it here (not happy!) and they finally have yay!
To avoid doing jail time an ultra-suave con man signs on to help the FBI catch other white collar criminals but he conceals an ulterior motive. I am so sad there won't be any more seasons of this.

So there you go that was so hard, having just written all these I am contemplating bumping one as I have just remembered about American Horror Story, oh well that can be an unofficial sixth one. I don't really know what I would do without Netflix now but I am so glad it is out there.

What programs do you watch on Netflix and can you make a top 5?


Review: Apple Watch Sport Edition

Hi lovelies,

So today I am bringing you my opinion on the Apple Watch - Sport Edition.
I was lucky enough to get one off my boyfriend for my 30th birthday this month and I have been wearing it all the time!

At first I wasn't sure if it was going to be quite worth the £299 price tag - yes rather pricey!
Though to be fair I didn't know to much about them either, my boyfriend works for a certain phone company (10 points to Gryfindor if you can guess which one) and so he knows a lot about all this. 

It pairs up with your iPhone, you will need the iPhone 5/5S or higher for it to pair up. and you can get your Instagram feed, Twitter feed, Whatsapp, I have Ebay, Etsy, Amazon and much more. There are so many apps you can get on this watch. You can control your music on it as well which is fantastic as I now never have to take my phone out my bag to switch a song, I can pop in my headphones and control everything from my watch. There is a camera on there but to be honest it takes a picture off your phone still so that's a bit rubbish I think as I may as well just use the phone in the first place.
The thing I love most about this watch though is the activity tracker and the workout apps. It gives you targets each week for calories burnt, exercise and how much you stand up for. Whilst I was in London (post here) I smashed my targets so lets see how I get on this week. The workout app lets you do outdoor and indoor walking, outdoor and indoor running, stair stepper, rower, outdoor and indoor cycle plus more so I am quite excited by this to, plus it has a heart rate monitor. Siri is included in the watch which does come in handy sometimes on my phone. It has a retina display with force touch so you can press on it a little harder and it wont break. It is also water resistant which is very good.  
Customisation is rather good as well as you can change your watch faces and most of them you can change the colour of as well, so you can have it to suit you.

Apple Watch Menu

Apple Watch Instagram

Apple Watch twitter menu

Apple Watch Twitter feed

Apple Watch Fitness

 Overall I think this is a great bit of kit and the one day I did actually forget to wear it, I felt really lost without it. You can buy the Apple Watch here. You can get a white, blue, green or a black strap with it. The straps are excellent as with all watches I've had before they slip about on your wrist, this watch doesn't do that at all, it stays put all day long with no slipping. 

Is it worth the £299 price tag? I think so as I definitely get so much use out of it and I can't wait to start my workout properly again with it as well.
Do you have one or are you thinking of getting one? What are your opinions?


London Trip 2015

London Euston

Hello lovelies!

As you saw in my last post I was whisked away to London for my 30th birthday! My last post was a very quick one though in between all the washing of clothes and trying to find a place for the ornaments and kids toys we brought whilst there.
This post however I will be explaining a bit more about the hotel we stayed at, how we got about and a little more detail about what we did, so grab a cup of tea and relax cuz this might be a long one!

First of all we got a train there and back which only cost us £84.95 return which was fantastic, I was expecting it to be a lot more as we were traveling from the east midlands. Once we got there (here's a funny story) our hotel was supposed to be 4 minutes away from the train station. I decided to get out the trusty Google Maps up on my phone to find which way to go - 30 minutes later we are in some little back lane and no where near the hotel it would seem. Thank you Google for taking us on a massive detour when all we had to do it go round the corner and across the street! 
We finally got to the hotel, we stayed at the Premier Inn - Euston, got checked in and went to find our room. We didn't want to spring for some fancy hotel due to the fact 1. we had two kids with us and 2. we were not even planning on being there unless it was night time for sleeping and for breakfast. 
The room itself was actually really nice, we had a double bed and two singles for the boys, bathroom with a shower, desk, kettle and cups with tea, coffee etc and a flat screen TV up on the wall. It was nice and clean and we had house keeping come everyday to make the beds and give us clean towels.

Premier Inn Euston

Premier Inn Euston

 We pretty much dumped our stuff and went out, we decided to visit Trafalgar Square, it was amazing, it was so alive with people and there was so much going on. There was people doing chalk drawings on the floor, there was a floating Yoda, people making bracelets and so many people taking pictures of the National Art Museum and Nelsons Column. I will suggest if you go to London then get an Oyster card. It caps out at around £6.50 and you can still get on the tube everyday. After exploring there for a while we decided to go to Tottenham Court and we ended up in McDonalds for dinner then going back to the hotel. 

Day two was very exciting as we were booked in to go to the Harry Potter Studio Tour. The queue was quite long but actually went down rather quick due to the amount of people they let in at a time. I really don't want to give too much away in case you haven't been yet. It took us three hours to walk around and see everything. There is literally everything you can think of there, from props, sets, wardrobe and masks. You get to see the great hall, Diagon Alley, Privet Drive and so much more. The boys took a ride on a broomstick each and had their photo's taken, plus we all had one together in the flying car. It was so amazing and totally worth doing if you are a Harry fan. We spent so much money in the gift shop, the only thing about the gift shop is they didn't have really any Voldemort items, which was slightly disappointing. 
After Harry Potter we took the tube to Covent Garden and went to Cyber Candy, an american candy store, then Piccadilly Circus where we took the boys to Hamleys of London,which is a huge 5 story toy shop. They had so much fun round there and seeing all the sales assistants show casing the toys. Seeing the big billboards all lit up was absolutely amazing! We also took a trip to M&M's world whilst we were there. 

Harry Potter Studio Tour

Harry Potter Studio Tour

Harry Potter Studio Tour

Our last day we did the usual touristy bits starting at Buckingham Palace, then the London Eye where we stopped and had a hot dog and a drink by the river. Then it was on to The Houses Of Parliament and Big Ben. That was definitely my favourite thing that day, to see Big Ben and The Houses Of Parliament was great. Its one of them things you expect to be big but when you see it, it really just took my breath away. There was a lovely little walk way down the side of it as well where it was all shaded by trees and there was benches to sit on over looking the River Thames and Big Ben. It was truly beautiful. We took a walk down to Downing Street as well, to be honest it was a bit of an anti-climax. It was all gated off and you couldn't really see anything anyway, you saw the street sign and a few houses that was it. Though a garbage truck did pull in as we were there and we saw a bunch of police with flash lights looking the truck over after it pulled in so apparently even bin men can't be trusted in there. 

Buckingham Palace

London Eye

Houses of Parliament and Big Ben

Houses Of Parliament

Downing Street

It was very depressing having to go home as we had so much fun and the boys still are talking about it. My youngest was so happy as he had just one mission going to London to get a Hungarian Horntail dragon as seen in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - and he got one! I certainly had the holiday blues when we got back and I would love to go again.
The breakfast at the hotel was great to it was all you could eat and they did cereal, porridge, english breakfast, toast etc.

So that was my time in London, have you ever been? What did you do if you have and what was your favourite thing to do? 


30th Birthday And London!

Hi lovelies!

I am now officially 30! I actually don't feel any different though, I have had friends who have already turned 30 saying how horrible it is. 
My lovely boyfriend brought me an apple watch and took me to London. I also had a beautiful golden crown pandora charm off my two boys. 

Apple Watch

Crown Pandora Charm

We went out for dinner at Frankie n Bennys with my family. Having the lasagne and finishing with salted caramel cheesecake. 

Frankie N Benny's Lasagne

Salted Caramel Cheesecake

Whilst in London we visited Buckingham Palace, Houses Of Parliament/Big Ben, London Eye and also went to the Harry Potter World. We had an amazing few days and I really didn't want to come back!! 

Harry Potter studio tour

Buckingham Palace

Houses of Parliament and Big Ben

London Eye

The Houses of Parliament and Big Ben was actually my favourite tourist spot, I really wasn't expecting it to be that big and the sun came out just at the right time. 
I definitely recommend if you are a fan of Harry Potter to go to the studio tour it really is amazing! It took us 3 hours to go round everything and we had pictures of all of us in the flying car plus the boys had a photo each flying broomsticks. 

Has anyone else been to London? What was your favorite thing to do there?