Book Review: Landline By Rainbow Rowell


I have wanted to read Landline for a while now, and I have finally gotten round to it. This is the first book by Rainbow Rowell I have read. This was a suggestion from a friend and I am so glad I went with the suggestion now.

As far as time machine's go, a magic telephone is pretty useless. TV writer Georgie McCool can't actually visit the past, all she can do is call it and hope it picks up. Is she crazy or is this a way of making things right with her husband Neal?

Maybe she can fix things in their past that seem unfixable in the present.Maybe this stupid phone is giving her a chance to start over...if that's what she wants...

A heart-wrenching and hilarious take on time, fate, television and true love, Landline asks if two people really are ever on the same path, or whether love means finding someone who will keep meeting you halfway...

My Thoughts

I am so glad I picked this book, I loved it. I actually found it hard to put down. I did find myself feeling slightly sorry for Georgie - she has worked so hard to get where she has in her dream job and then she gets called into work around Christmas. Should she have stayed at home whilst her husband and children go away for Christmas to visit his parents? No. I did think why can't you work from home a little after all it is writing, just check in with the other writers every now and then. But that did not happen and subsequently this happened to ruin her marriage. The phone was very interesting, a yellow rotary phone that took her back to when they were younger before they got engaged. Using this phone though did help her decide what to do for the best and I'm glad she figured it out. I loved her mum as well she was so funny and Georgie having to help the dog give birth in a washing machine was a good part of the book to. It certainly kept you entertained. However Seth was a bit of a snake wasn't he? It was obvious he wanted to be with Georgie but he missed his chance when she met Neal. As far as trying to spoil things in Georgie and Neal's relationship every now and then, trying to take his chance when everyone thinks Neal left her was extremely shady and I was so glad she told him no and left to go to her family. 
Overall this was a great book and I definitely give it 5 stars.

What did you think of the book?


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