Ways To Help Stop Stress And Anxiety!

Ways To Help Stop Stress And Anxiety | Tea & Beauty

I find I get stressed quite easily - I am always working on my blog, even when I'm not working on it. There are always thought's and idea's going around my head. I home school my youngest and that's not including all the day to day cleaning etc. I do find sometimes it all gets on top of me so I need a good way to relax and de-stress.

I have a new love for colouring, most people associate colouring with children, but it is becoming quite popular now among adults. You can find lots of adult colouring books now from pretty flowers to vintage designs. I myself got extremely excited when looking through Amazon I happened to find a Alice In Wonderland Colouring Book. I absolutely LOVE anything Alice related so this was perfect for me. It only took 2 days to be delivered and of I went colouring it in. It is very detailed and fun to colour. You even have to find the 6 of hearts on each page. It is a great price at just £4.00.
This really does work for me I can spend ages just sitting there colouring all the pictures. As it's quite detailed you do find you spend quite a while on just one page, but I think this is good - who wants a colouring book they can be done with in a few days?

Alice In Wonderland colouring book

I also brought another colouring book this one is calming colouring nature patterns. It is full of flowers, trees and other nature patterns.

Ways To Help Stop Stress And Anxiety | Tea & Beauty

My other thing I turn to is an app I have recently found called Calm.
It basically helps you meditate everyday and it is supposed to help you relax, stop worrying and generally de-stress. You have four scenes you can play  - Beach waves, rain, silent clouds and a mountain lake with birds chirping. I personally use the beach waves, don't ask me why but I have always wanted to live by the beach plus it reminds me of when I went on holiday with my parents as a child, lying in bed at night in the caravan listening to the waves at the beach. So this really helps me out, in fact I can very easily nearly go to sleep whilst meditating to this. The app is free and there is also a book out, which I haven't actually finished reading yet.

Ways To Help Stop Stress And Anxiety | Tea & Beauty

Reading a book has always helped clear my mind, plus it gives you a chance to live in another world for half an hour. Pair this with a cup of tea and your on to a winner.

So here's how I de-stress and relieve any anxiety I may have building up.
What are your tips? Leave your comments below.

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