Should We Be Worrying About Our Weight?

Getting into shape

I'll be completely honest now, I have been really struggling to carry on exercising recently. I am so busy with work, home schooling my youngest and just the normal day to day things that by the time I have 5 minutes to myself I just simply can't be bothered. 

However with summer just around the corner now the summer clothes are starting to make an appearance. However this week I was sent into a pit of depression when the three quarter denim shorts I brought just last summer didn't fit me, they wouldn't even do up!
This left me feeling really bad about myself and wishing I had really kept up the exercise. The thing is that when I am doing the school run to pick up my eldest son it is an hour's walk there and back, and I have to do this twice a day, so with a two hour walk 5 days a week clocking up 10,000 + steps whilst doing it I didn't feel that bad about slacking in the fitness department. However just walking alone obviously wasn't enough. My eating is quite good for the most part, yes I occasionally sit there munching on biscuits with my tea and have a bag of crisps with lunch but other than that I eat rather well. This now begs the question do we have to eat super healthy and exercise just to stay in shape?

I must admit I was quiet for a few days and kind of kept to myself, whilst my boyfriend was telling me that I was beautiful and wouldn't change anything about me (isn't he just the best). But I was actually thinking how much is this bothering me really? Yes it was not nice that I couldn't get into my size 10 shorts that I only brought and wore a year ago but at the same time I don't want to be stick thin or not enjoy eating a few biscuits with my tea after a long day or eat the cakes that we love to bake in our house. I am turning 30 in August and at this point shouldn't I just be happy with myself the way I am now? I eat a balanced diet and am generally active, I do lots of walking and I am always at the park with the boys whether it's playing at the playground or kicking the football around and I try to exercise at least 3-4 days a week doing cardio. So shouldn't this be enough, why do we let ourselves get depressed about weight and the way we look? we are who we are right?

So after a few days of sulking and feeling sorry for myself I've decided to forget all about it, So I'm not as small as I thought I was and my hips are a bit bigger than I imagined but most of my other size 10 jeans and skirts fit me and I still have a slight baby belly on me but at the end of the day I have a boyfriend who loves me for the way I am and two amazing kids. Why shouldn't I be happy? 

Weight and size are a big thing in the world these days and it's something I and probably everyone else has been through at some point. 
What are your thoughts on this subject? Leave your comments below.


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