Planet Spa Amazonian Treasures Face Mask

Avon Amazonian Treasures

I usually use clay masks when it comes to my skin care routine as I find them to be really good and leaves my skin glowing after using them, However I stumbled across this face mask by Avon and wanted to give it a go as I have heard good things about it. 
First thing you notice is the purple gel like texture which actually feels quite nice on your skin. It goes on really well and spreads easily, leave it on for 10-15 mins and simply rinse off. It deep cleanses and removes impurities to recharge and restore your skins natural radiance.

I did notice a difference in my skin with regular use. My skin appeared brighter and healthier looking, it also looking slightly plumper after it was rinsed off. It has a nice sweet berry scent to it and the packaging is beautiful. This face mask contains brazilian acai, berries and other essential oils. 

Avon Amazonian Treasures

This face mask is currently on offer at just £2.75, you can find it here


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