June Birchbox

June Birchbox 2015

So yesterday was Birchbox day again, I was looking forward to getting it again as last months box was so good. This month you had a choice of 3 boxes - a floral, french theme and a sweet style. I decided to go with the From Paris With Love box.

As soon as I got my box I ripped straight into it to see what beauties lay within.

Balance me body wash

Iris Prima

Mild Dermabrasion face scrub

mirenese mascara

beauty protector oil

style london tattoos

french sole shoe bag

Balance Me Super Moisturising Body Wash - £9.00 
This I was excited to get as I have heard such good things about it. It has calming yarrow and patchouli plus shea butter. I tend to love anything with shea butter in it as it leaves my skin super soft. It says a little goes a long way, and they were right I used it last night whilst having a shower and I squeezed a little bit onto my shower puff and it covered my whole body and more. I was very impressed by that as it would last a long time and the price is great to. Birchbox say you don't necessarily need to moisturise after using this body wash if your in a hurry as it is hydrating enough, I can actually see where they are coming from as my skin felt quite soft after getting out the shower. I did moisturise though and my skin was so soft after, it's an amazing product, I am going to keep using it but after first use I may have found a new body wash. The smell is nice to it's a clean, fresh smell that is not over powering. 

Penhaligon's Iris Prima - From £85.00
I have so many perfume's but I read a post on this a few days ago so was quite excited to try it as they said they loved it. This perfume mingles bergamot top notes with musky sandlewood and sweet vanilla. I spritz some on this morning before leaving the house and to be honest I was actually a bit disappointed with it. It is not my usual floral, fruity scent it smelt very clean and fresh really. The good thing about this I noticed was there was a slight breeze this morning and every time it blew I could smell the perfume so that was nice. Come lunchtime though it had worn off so it hasn't even lasted half a day. For £85.00 I don't think it would be worth it unfortunately. 

Premae Mild Dermabrasion Face & Body Scrub - £25.00
A skin loving body scrub packed with Italian olive granules to decongest, brighten and smooth skin. Great! I love a good scrub and again I give my face a quick scrub with it this morning to give it a quick test and it was brilliant. It is quite coarse which I like, a good roughish scrub always does the trick. It worked well, my skin was pink after I had finished and there was a definite noticeable brightness to my skin and it felt lovely and soft afterwards. After I had slapped on my day cream my skin looked lovely. Very impressed with this scrub.

Mirenesse iCurl Secret Weapon 24hr Mascara - £24.00
Mascara is actually the one thing I don't need - I have loads in my make up bag so this was a bit disappointing as there was 2 different lip balms/sticks I could have had instead. 
Using secret weapon tubing technology this jet black formula coats and separates lashes for all day curls that wont clump, smudge or flake. Sounds good! I will be trying this very soon, I have long lashes naturally but they are not very thick however so I will be interested to see what this does for my lashes.

Beauty Protector Protect & Oil - £16.00
To be completely honest when I saw I had a hair treatment oil in my box I was not very impressed at all, I have used them before but due to my fine, thin hair they always leave my hair looking greasy again so I was not looking forward to using this. It leaves hair looking gorgeously glossy and protects against UV rays and heat damage - Ok lets give it a go!
I used 2-3 drops last night (so I could wash my hair this morning if it all went wrong) and dried my hair and shock horror! My hair looked glossy and healthy and not a grease patch in sight. This is definitely a product that has wowed me and for £16.00 a bottle it does seem worth it as you hardly need anything at all really, a few drops and comb it through and you are done. Again I will keep using it and update you all on my further thoughts.

STYLondon Temporary Metallic Tattoo's - £7.99
This was an unusual find in my box - I was not expecting to get anything like this. To be honest I'm not sure if I will use these really. It says you can use them on skin and nails so maybe I can find some use for them after all. Just cut off the tattoo you want peel off the clear sheet, attach to the skin and soak well in water and slide off the paper. They are easy to remove as well just using baby oil and scrub off.

Birchbox x French Sole Shoe Bag - Lifestyle Bonus
To celebrate Birchbox's collaboration with French Sole you get to pick the box style you want as mentioned before along with it's matching shoe bag as an extra bonus. It's a lovely little bag, just right for a pair of flats. I suppose you don't have to use it just as a shoe bag, a little weekend make up bag perhaps? 

I went from being a little disappointed with this month's Birchbox to actually turning out by being very impressed, it just goes to show you can't judge a book by it's covers. To keep up to date with my thoughts on the product's I haven't used and the ones I have follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

If you don't already have the monthly Birchbox and are thinking of signing up click here and get 50 points for joining with me that's a whole £5.00 to spend at Birchbox.

What are your thoughts on this box? What did you get in yours? Leave your comments below and I will reply.

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