Amazon Kindle Paper-white

Kindle Paper White Review

My lovely boyfriend decided to buy me a kindle, more because he was sick of books lying around the house, oops but still it was something I was looking at getting myself anyway. He brought me the first paper-white Kindle as it was simple to use and said if I liked it and wanted to upgrade at Christmas I could.

It is extremely simple to use, which I like. The screen is great, it is not like reading off a computer screen at all it is actually like reading a book. Getting books on your Kindle is very easy to do you can either just download them from Amazon or if you already have the e-books then simple plug it into your computer, open up the documents folder and simply drag and drop. 

Amazon Kindle paper white

Amazon Kindle paper white

Amazon Kindle paper white

Amazon Kindle paper white

The buttons are at the bottom they take you to the home page, let you select what you need and lets you type when the keyboard is selected. There are buttons on the side that let you flip the page on the book you are reading. I like the back of this to, it has almost a rubberish effect to it which comes in great for gripping it as it is very slip proof. Meaning you are very unlikely to drop it.

To be honest I don't actually see me upgrading this at Christmas because I love this one so much. It's simple to use, comfortable to hold, and because I am only using it to read I don't see the point of getting the Fire for example. It is perfect for sticking in your bag and reading it whilst on the go and if you type in free kindle books in the Amazon search bar, there are at least 20 pages of free books to download and try...Bonus!
The price is great to you can get it from Amazon for just £59.00.

Do you have a Kindle? Which one do you have and do you love yours as much as me? 



  1. Great review, my boyfriend bought me a kindle at Christmas and I absolutely adore it, so easy to use and slim enough to carry around in my handbag if we have a trip to make x

    1. Yes it is great for that. We are going to London in August so it will be great for the train ride x