Adidas Neo Trainers

Adidas Neo Trainers

It feels like quite a while since I wrote a fitness related post but since I brought some new trainers a few weeks ago, I thought it was time to get back to it.
My trusty converse finally gave up and I got a hole in the bottom, which I happened to find out whilst doing the school run in the pouring rain and got a wet sock due to said hole...not nice!

As I do a lot of walking, whether it be the school run, going to the park or just generally having a nice walk for exercise. I wear trainers more than any other footwear these days, plus they are super comfy, I decided it was time to buy another pair, I did consider getting another pair of converse but finally went with a proper pair of trainers. After going in to 3 different sports shops I finally found a pair I liked, and they were on sale....Bonus!

They happened to be these lovely Adidas Neo trainers, good job I have a bottle of Jif under my sink with these being so white, hopefully I can keep them white. 
I got these from DW Sports (keep calling it JJB and forgetting it's changed) for just £30.00 sale price.

I wore them out last week for the first time as it was half term and we took the kids out to the local soft play gym, then went to McDonalds for lunch and finished off by going to the local milkshake shop. So a lot of walking was done, 6332 steps in fact, thanks to my trusty Fitbit. 
They were very comfortable and cushioned my feet well, they didn't pinch my feet or rub.

I was very impressed with them and am certainly glad I brought them now, I am certainly going to be wearing them a lot with all the walking I do.

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